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The vacuum cleaner company Dyson wants to continue to build electric cars. The case shows the opportunities of the new drive for career changers opened. A not very serious Overview.

Vacuum cleaner billionaire James Dyson with his spectacular electric car Plan, apparently, serious. In two years, the first vehicles in a factory in Singapore to roll off the Assembly line.

The case shows: In the car industry, nothing more as it was time, soon perhaps, the dominance of Volkswagen, Daimler and co. will soon be history. Because of the new drive also gives newcomers opportunities with innovative models to the market to unfold.

Gone are the days of oily metal rods, valves and spark plugs In the new car world, a powerful battery, an electric motor and four wheels rich, practically – the Rest is creativity.

Since it is probably only a matter of time before Aldi, Ikea or Nokia, with own car, re-tighten. MIRROR ONLINE throws a look into the future and shows the Wish-You-what-models of tomorrow.


Dyson: Clean

The British vacuum cleaner manufacturer Dyson a is increasing in the vehicle industry. On the Details of the company’s founder, James Dyson is silent so far. However, SPIEGEL ONLINE explains, as he should be.

Would not be awarded the brand name Clean in the car world (at a formula-1 racing team) – hardly a car would have earned him like this. Because the electric car added to the area through which it travels, in a pure state. Two suction inlets to draw air, which is then completely freed of all pollutants and is fed into the interior.
The fine dust emissions of the car is minus 80 grams per Kilometer. An optional extension module with wiper function even makes it possible to clean the road.

Exhaust-ridden cities such as Stuttgart have already ordered hundreds of copies. With the vehicles of convicted car poser and racers to glide in the context of reintegration measures, with 30 miles an hour through the city.
Also in the choice of material, the car sets new standards. The whisper make light tyres, not to reduce friction, only to zero but to take the particles of dirt from the ground. Comfortable for the driver: If the programmed route is completed, return the carriage automatically to its charging station.

Ikea: You still Going or are You going already?

An electric car from the Swedish furniture store Ikea is long overdue. Delivered in a half-dozen shallow cardboard boxes the Ikea car with only a wrench to assemble. After three hours, the practical vehicle-mounted up and shut-down is provided in front of the door.

Practical Features: In the trunk benches of the length to exactly two Billy-fit reclined seat shelves, a rail system to mount and the shelf time of subjects be the same as storage compartments. By the box-like shape, the car has the aerodynamics of a house wall, two Fellow like Tetris blocks fit exactly on a normal Ikea Parking lot.

The most important feature is the obligatory Hot-Dog-holder in the center console. In the Ikea nomenclature matching names are found quickly: Miljövänlig (dt: eco-friendly), Utsläppsfria (dt: emission-free), or simply Grönbil (green car) were just a few examples.

Deutsche Bahn: The Big Car

For decades, the Deutsche Bahn (DB) is not sounds, it is a mobility group, just a dusty old wheel-and-Track-state operation. Now the company carries these thoughts to an end, with a car that is no longer tied to the Track.

With the railway car on the highway as drivers to do a completely new set of freedoms. So there is no belt requirement does not apply, since the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt feel for the vehicle responsible. Overwhelming the space. Bikes on the roof to transport the stroller to slide in the vehicle, and Skis upright to the wall to lean. Since the term gets big car with a auspicious of the tongue.

A pair of typical Eccentricities of the vehicle can get over. The doors open, often reluctantly, because the face detection is not yet Mature. She recognizes, for example, no small children, so that there is always an adult to take action. The fact that the car often stops for no apparent reason on the open road, sold the DB as a “Slow down your life”function. Well, then –

Nokia: Almost indestructible

The Finnish manufacturer is the ideal E-car manufacturers – because he takes to heart in his car, the rules of the year 2000. The car with the simple code number 3310 with only in the color combination blue-and-white, but with great features: on the one hand, the car is almost indestructible and also in a Crash with 160 km/h just a few scratches.

Although there is except for classic To and the game Snake; none of the features – the battery lasts for thousands of kilometers.

Lego: a Lot of cars in a

The LEGO mobile toy manufacturer, is not only a vehicle, but a lot of cars in one. Thanks to the module system, it can be – even from children – in a SUV, a sports car or a luxury sedan, turn.

The big advantage is also a disadvantage. The fact that the young talent on the LEGO mobile exit, threatens permanently the law of conflict. Child labour is banned in Germany is well known. Or has anyone heard that VW workers at the daycare has age?

Douglas: Wash, Blow-Dry, To Lie Down

Once Washing, Blow drying, Lie down, and during the journey. Possible, the T-model from the home of the perfume group. His name it Tina, the first name of the charismatic company head. Tina Müller, says the company, is one of the biggest Fans of the sporty Vans and have developed special Features.

Among other things, the Scanning and radar system, which detects the color of the Outfits of the passengers and automatically to the matching Make-up colors to choose. Do the job on Hair and Beauty specialist On-Board the robot. Wasted time in the bathroom? Was yesterday.

A second model by the name of KT is to address the consequences and more on the male needs the care of the body, for example, the morning shave. KT stands for Miller’s Ex-boss, Karl-Thomas Neumann, the second Douglas model based on the Opel Mokka.

Ryanair: All extra

The low-cost airline has designed the Ryancar for short trips. In the electric car 15 people fit in five rows of seats each with three seats, and with a length of 4,97 meters.
The trunk is correspondingly small. Nothing but: Each passenger may take only one piece of Luggage in the milk-bag format.

The vehicle is there at an unbeatable price of 9.99 euros. And how Ryanair makes money? Quite simply, everything else costs extra charge which is agreed in the purchase contract. Who pays for it, may enter the vehicle as a first Priority-a door and a window.

Speaking of Seating seats: a seat with extra legroom costs 15 Euro extra charge, as well as the entrainment of small children (25 Euro) with child seat (15 euros), or music instruments (50 Euro). And since the air in the car is at full occupation sometimes slightly thicker, also for the use of the ceiling falling oxygen masks, one Euro per breath due. The vehicle offers all of the advantages for short journeys in urban traffic – provided the driver is on strike.

Aldi: a status symbol, no thank you

At the beginning of the Nineties, Aldi with powerful and unbeatable, cheap home computers had no success, now a new business model, which complements the food trade. Time for the Aldi car. Built for all the status symbols, the car offers everything you need – but also.

The Design is similar to the factual style of the Aldi-fashion products, and instead of expensive Autonomous driving functions and massage the vehicle is equipped to sit on the ground.

According to the Aldi-principle “value for money” has the speed of the car has a range of 1500 kilometers, according to the test cycle WLTP, with a maximum of 200 km/h maximum. Add to this the innovative LED Matrix headlamps in the typical A-Design. Cost: 5000 Euro for collection. The price is possible, because Aldi expresses its contract manufacturer Volkswagen massively in price, reported the business press. Over the entire life of the car, mileage, beyond the five million kilometers.

Then, the first inspection for the E-Motor is, of course, be the Aldi-Service-Station done while you shop next door in the store.

Fritz Hansen: With the style of the jam

Cars are in a traffic jam, all the more important to create an interior that is not on your nerves. The Danish furniture manufacturer Fritz Hansen has perfected the idea of “beautiful living, beautiful ride”. Using the earlier drafts of the brilliant, but in his work, often dictatorial Design genius of Arne Jacobsen a role in winter garden, seamlessly to single-family homes dock.

So the car becomes the extension of your property. Fritz Hansen swears by the interiors of the Jacomobils on the chair as Egg and the Swan, is almost mandatory. However, this also drives the price to 300,000 euros.

Bild-Zeitung: The true people’s car

Where is the people’s car as an addition to Volks-Tablet and co.? The aggressive Design and the black-and-white-and-red paint could make the car a box-office hit. Suitable for Newspapers, there are some extra functions: You are allowed to overtake the car anywhere on the right, on the motorway, the E-Auto switches in the “free driving for Free citizens”mode and never goes less than 130 km/h. Cruising cyclists are angeblökt by Megafon automatically as “left-wing troublemaker”.

FC Bayern Munich Mia san electric

Jerseys, pants, or a Toaster – the FC Bayern has already sold all sorts of merchandise, why not also an associated car for Fans around the world? In addition to a red-and-blue livery, the car would of course be the best E-car in the neighbourhood – and if a Feature of another model, the FCB-exceeds mobile, buys the car, the other car thanks to the “transfer package” independently – FC Bayern, forever number one. Anyone who buys the “Hoeness” package, can handle thanks to an apparent admission of abroad possibly even the annoying Car-tax – at your own risk, of course.

Christian Frahm, Margret Hucko, Emil Nefzger, Anna van Hove and Nils-Viktor concern

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