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Little money, but you still fancy a classic car? No Problem – it’s the bargain of the sled. This time: the Suzuki LJ.



By Haiko Prengel

Sunday, 11.09.2016
07:56 PM

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Cheap Classic Car

    You have the right mood for a vintage, trust but not to buy, because old cars in many media, only as a store of Value, will be explored? Fear not, you must not have successfully speculated on the stock exchange, to travel to beautiful sheet.

    Clearly, for grandpa’s discarded carts from Mercedes or BMW are now proud to be the sums due, and for the most of old Porsches today are moon prices paid. But between all the expensive jet men, as a rule, hardly to be moved, they are: the wallflower, the exotics, hardly anyone on the screen – and the correspondingly low cost. And not only in the acquisition but also in maintenance. Cars for which spare parts supply is no Problem, and for a exhaust not a whole month’s salary factored in.

We have brought together and set in a series at regular intervals.

Suzuki LJ 80

General information about the model: The all-terrain vehicle LJ80, in 1980, exported to Europe, was sparked in this country, a true off-road Boom. To date, the Suzuki Motor Corporation primarily as a motorcycle manufacturer was known. The cosy four-wheel drive, the small car was Suzuki, and rapidly acquired the reputation as a Funcar, no slope is too steep. Some see the LJ80 even as the first SUV, was introduced in Germany.

Originally, the vehicle was developed for the Australian army. A civil version, which was offered as a convertible and with a closed sheet metal roof. Who expected a power pack, was disappointed: The water-cooled four-cylinder was initially only just under 800 cubic centimetres in size (later, just under 1000 cm3) and was a maximum of 41 HP. A good Kraxler was and the brave “Eljot”, as he was called in Germany at the time of its market introduction, nevertheless, the tare weight is wiry 900 kilograms.

Highlights of the LJ80, the switchable all-wheel drive and the powerful distributor gear. Depending on the soil profile, you can drive, either Behind or on both axes embarrassed. A third off-road gear offering a special Translation for extremely difficult terrain.


Anise saves cher the rear with foldable rear seats

Comfort you may expect in the Spartan-equipped Suzuki, however, at the beginning, not the headrests once or a Radio as standard. The passengers in the rear to take on two oppositely arranged folding seats. With a price of 14,600 Mark at model launch, the LJ80 cost, at the time, but also significantly less than the off-road course deer of Jeep, Range Rover or Toyota. Even a Daihatsu Wildcat was a few thousands more expensive. 1982 Suzuki stopped production of the LJ80, there are many other off-road cars followed.

Why? Little comfort, little space, little displacement: The Suzuki LJ 80 is the Minimalist off-road vehicles. The short wheelbase and the excellent distributor gear he will have to dig through even the toughest terrain. “There’s a Mercedes G-class is not coming with us”, says Günter Barnath, has specialized with his workshop in the resin on the restoration of the LJ80 and the cult of the car underwent many a test of endurance. For example, how deep an LJ80 in the ground can dig. The result: “Pretty far,” reports Barnath. A LJ80 was in the off-road mode changes completely submerged in the mud – “until the lower edge of the carburettor”. The engine was running anyway.


The vole: With the LJ you can get almost anywhere

The level of the streets, however, are not for the Suzuki LJ80. By today’s standards the engine is too feeble, especially on country roads and motorways. Much faster than 80 km/h, you should not drive the car better. The paved Terrain of the LJ80 leaves his would-be successors: The modern SUV and Pseudo-off-road vehicle, the master, while at least 200 miles per hour races and with their 20-inch rollers, puddles and cobblestones could. More but also not.

Availability: The Suzuki LJ80 had two great enemies, his life expectancy is extremely reduced have reduced: for one, suffered from the body to solid rust. In addition, his Image as a fun car to be disastrous for the car: Many of the LJ80 were driving in desert terrain literally zerschrotet. A wild Tuning: The narrow original wheels (in the scene also teller mines) have been replaced in the rule by width of the rollers, including higher-downs were announced. Doors, and other “unnecessary” equipment have been removed. So it’s not that Suzuki LJ80 in the original condition are today virtually absent. But with a little patience you can find passable restored cars.

Spare parts supply: About 30 percent of all parts are still in Original quality, especially wear and tear parts. Gaps includes the accessories industry with remanufactured goods are shrink rings and wheel bearings for the rear axle, for example, can be sourced from India. It looks bad, however, with sheet metal parts, the market here is nearly swept clean. At times the company produced in Colombia, fenders and side panels, these were more than 400 Euro per piece, however, is expensive. To buy a car in good condition, the better investment is usually because of the reconstruction of the defects in specimen a lot of money and time on the part of devour search.

Prices for spare parts (example):

Brake drum front: approx. 280 Euro

Set of Brake shoes front: approx. 30 Euro

Fenders: front: approx. 400 euros

Light machine: approx. 40 Euro

Weaknesses: Suzuki is the LJ80 internally an average life of only five years. That’s: Who welds of inferior plates simple on top of each other and of any corrosion protection is dispensed with, and not need to wonder about decay in time-lapse. The LJ80 rust virtually everywhere, there are cars with completely crumbled under. In addition, the car is all-terrain, but not suitable for long distances. The puny four-cylinder rarely run more than 120,000 miles, then a basic engine overhaul is necessary. A complete vehicle rebuild is possible, but very expensive: specialist Barnath per vehicle of three to four months – with daily work. A plus point is that, in the long term, now rare Suzuki LJ80 in the value will rise, for off-road Fans, he has already achieved cult status.

Price: wrecks to Build it for 500 Euro. For a car Suzuki LJ80 ready with valid HU-should plaque one of about 1,500 schedule. Completely restored and lovers of the vehicles cost up to $ 10,000 and sometimes even more.

Points of contact on the Internet: page LJ80-expert Günter Barnath – community of interest Suzuki LJ80 spare parts specialist

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