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The Parking problems in inner cities are becoming more serious. In contrast, an Israeli Start-up has developed the City Transformer. In the case of the vehicle, the base can retract.



Sunday, 28.10.2018
12:03 PM

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The Israeli Start-up City Transformer has developed an electric car that can be folded and as a result, only the Parking space of a motorcycle occupies. With the development of the manufacturers want to counteract the lack of Parking space in cities.

The vehicle is reminiscent, at first glance, the Renault Twizy. The two-seat City Transformer a has a substructure, the push of a button and extend. The vehicle is collapsed, only a metre wide – and so even on a motorcycle Parking lot.

Out it has a width of 1.4 metres and is around 40 inches narrower than an average car. The City Transformer is driving, with a speed of up to 90 kilometres an hour.

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City Transformer:
Foldable electric car for lack of Parking space

The battery of the electric car can charge it at home or at public charging stations. Currently it creates a single battery charge has a range of 150 kilometers. “However, we expect that there will be up to the mass production of better and more efficient batteries,” says Udi Meridor, head of innovation, City Transformer. In the development of, among other things, the Japanese company Yamaha has been involved.

The vehicle was already presented last November. The final prototype is to be launched, in the next ten months. Interested parties can pre-order the base model for $ 10,500 without the battery and control. After 10,000 pre-orders for the car to roll off the Assembly line, approximately in the year 2020. Germany, too, am one of the targeted markets, the company said. The vehicle would be registered in the EU as a Quad.


The car is provided both for private use as well as for car sharing – first of all, in Tel Aviv, then also in European and Asian cities. A Version of the micro car was developed as a Transporter. You can transport Goods with a weight of up to 1000 kilograms.

Three Versions

The Start-up plans three models for private use and for car-sharing fleets: An open Version Fun, is a closed, weatherproof Version, and one with two places for children in the back seat. Also the private owner of a City’s Transformers should have the opportunity to demonstrate their vehicle for Carsharing.

The concept could have, according to the assessment of auto industry experts on the German market is quite a success. “Particularly in large cities, the Parking space problem will continue to grow,” says Professor Stefan Bratzel of the Center of Automotive Management, FH Bergisch Gladbach. “Parking will be scarce and much more expensive. It is expected that such concepts are increasingly on the road.”

The most important point, the car-sharing concept, however, Christoph Stürmer, Analyst of the audit and consulting firm PwC says. Thus, companies such as the City Transformer’s success, “you have to find their main market in Shared fleets with extremely low mileage, otherwise, they threaten to remain in a technological niche.”


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