This huge suppository of Mercedes is to manage the transport of the future

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Taxis and buses will soon have had its day – say the manufacturer of robot cars. You beat on the technology fair CES with spectacular cabin vehicles. Mercedes shows how a vehicle works.



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Saturday, 12.01.2019
At 19:52

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If, on the technology fair CES in Las Vegas at night, the Shows come to an end, in front of the casino hotel Ceasar’s Palace is Amazing. A Roboterbus Mercedes pre whirrs, like a giant suppository on wheels, called by a bystander with a Smartphone.

On taxes to divide or to squeeze in a stretch limousine for the group, given the spectacular electric vehicle is not out of the question. The gathers on-the-go passengers, calculated from the objectives of a Route and finds its way without a driver.

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CES in Las Vegas:
The Parade of the robot buses

For many in Las Vegas is clear: So he looks, the public transport system of the future. The mass transportation is in vehicles such as the Mercedes Urbanetic a Vision. However, during the CES, they became for a night a reality.

The journey in the Urbanetic initially feels strange, because the front of the operator is not seated – not even one that puts the hands in the lap. There, where earlier the steering Wheel and pedals, is one of the eight seats for the passengers accommodated.

However, unlike in a Car with no controls – such as the Smart Vision EQ – lack of time you get used to the Bus faster. Finally, passengers in the Bus were at the mercy of the driving skills of the other. Influence useless – the label “Please do not talk to the driver” has of groundwork. It also helps that the Urbanetic moves slowly.

Huge robot fleet of buses for the cities of

Within the next ten years, city dwellers have to get used to the sight of such robots, shuttles, believes mobility expert Wolfgang Bernhart of Roland Berger management consulting company. He expects manufacturers to deliver soon huge fleets of such Autonomous vehicles.

“There’s a Generation of locomotion to us, which will lead to a new kind of individual mobility,” says Bernhart. There are many Parallels to the time of the motorized carriage the car has been, as we know it today. Already, such services do not spread rapidly, but like Moia from Volkswagen even without a driver.

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CES in Las Vegas:
A tour of the exhibition that opens the eyes

Its numerous benefits will help Autonomous taxis to the breakthrough, Bernhardt convinced. Cities, Yes, the whole of society would benefit, because the number of vehicles descend on the streets. At the same time, less CO2 is emitted.

The ride should be cheaper than in your own car

The occupant of the expert provides a safer and more comfortable ride, in which you can do with your time. “And the whole is per Kilometer still cost less than any car, or any conventional Taxi,” says Bernhart.

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Bike Pick-up, feeling of detection, the snow robot:
So the auto industry has dabbled at the CES in Las Vegas

A tour of the CES shows that the Analyst is in great company. Hardly any exhibitors from the auto industry without such a futuristic People Mover to see. Bosch, Continental, Denso and ZF have more or less brought large and more or less box-shaped electric cars, like Kia and Hyundai.

You slide some with more than a dozen passengers through the city and beat themselves, to make the journey entertaining. Some vehicle detects emotions and interior spaces. Among the sights along the way, it is 3D information, or a message if the camera detects that someone has left his bag in the car.

It is also a question of packet

Often, the manufacturers want to carry, not passengers, but also parcels. New vehicle concepts, to redeem the cities from the delivery truck flood that brings the Boom in online trading.

Continental is the Problem with an Autonomous Transporter, called the CUbE – has not delivery package on Board, but also a handful of small robots. They swarm in and take on the last meters of the delivery.

The buses, such as a foreign body

Some developers have thought of the idea, and several vehicle concepts and combines. The Urbanetic can change the structure at special stations, because Mercedes has all of the technology in the under ground bundled. Just van, is the Van to the box and buzzes for the Post office or UPS due to street canyons.

Photo gallery

Gadgets at CES:
Beer, bread, and car rides with vending machines

According to the same principle also Rinspeeds MicroSnap works. The vehicle of the Swiss cross thinker Frank Rinderknecht, there are in Las Vegas as a temperature-controlled pizza charm or a mobile charging station for stranded electric vehicles. “With the different setups, we will provide benefits for all,” says Urbanetic-project Manager Thomas Moser: “If a passenger Shuttle will also be used as a package Transporter, can allow fleet operators to be car-around-the-clock work.”

Yet these concepts appear in the transport as a foreign body. However, suppliers such as ZF report the first large-scale orders.

Critics expect more traffic in the cities

Not all experts share the optimism of the manufacturers – and also see the disadvantages. The world economic forum has identified with the market researchers from Boston Consulting that such robotic fleets in some cities, the number of vehicles would increase. Because it’s not the private Cars, from which the passengers in Autonomous vehicles have changed. Rather, buses and trains would be on short-haul flights less attractive. In addition, trips are not longer empty conceivable, because they cost without the driver much.

Roland-Berger-man Bernhart believes, nevertheless, that the robot shuttles are unstoppable. You would first determine in Asia and the Americas, in the medium term, in Europe the image of the city. The adviser believes that there is soon to cities, where not otherwise going to dangers.

“Of course you can imagine today is hard,” says Bernhart. But that does not prevent serious changes. “It would have believed 20 years ago no one in the dream in an Italian Bar, a French Bistro or English Pub is no longer allowed to smoke.”

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