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On the eve of the Los Angeles auto show the new Porsche 911 is presented:
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The object of desire in the eighth Generation: In Los Angeles Porsche has unveiled the new 911. He is stronger, faster, more digital and more expensive.

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          The red carpet thickness of the black strip of paper. Instead of High-Heels of the Star carries of the Evening for the first time, mixed tyres: On the eve of the Los Angeles auto show, Porsche has pulled the cloth from the new 911 and the eighth Generation of the sports car.

          As always, the penalty of the Fan community this time also extremely nervous: she craves a new car, so skeptical they respond to real innovations. But in Los Angeles the Porsche can find peace of mind the purists, that the Revolution will fail, or at least postponed.

          This is true for the timid in more developed Design, with flush recessed door handles and the two red LED-Ribs on the wider folding spoiler in the rear are still the biggest Surprise. This applies to the interior, which, despite the digital tools and the significantly larger touch screen next to the analogue tachometer is preserved. It applies for the equipment, apart from the new night-vision system and automatic distance control, pleasing large gaps to everything that matters somehow in the orbit of the Autonomous and thus woman placed under guardianship driving. And this is only right for the drive. Because neither there will be the penalty as feared with four cylinders, it comes as a Plug-In Hybrid “at least not yet”, is open to a series-in-chief August Achleitner for the Facelift back door. Because the space for a battery, the battery has provided in the new platform and the E-Motor fits into the housing of the now eight stages connected to the double clutch.

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          For now, however, coupled to Porsche, the only with the well-known, in Detail, the optimized six-cylinder Boxer, as the Carrera S or Carrera 4S with all-wheel drive and 450 HP – 30 HP more than before. Thus he offers in the Sprint, the Four-second mark and, in the best case in 3.4 seconds to 100 kph. And who stays on the Gas, reached up to 306 km/h. Shortly after the Start, the same engine comes in the base model with 385 HP, and of course, there will also be a GTS and a real Turbo, Achleitner.

          But without the green dye, the change of generation is not yet equip. Instead of an electric drive for the sports car, there are at least a new Smartphone App, which calculates the CO2 emissions and the driver for compensation as a donor to certified climate projects. On the test bench with a standard fuel consumption of a best of 8.9 litres are 205 grams per kilometre.

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          However, the game room is for financial compensation with the change in generation is slightly smaller. Because, of course, the new 911 is not only stronger, faster and more digital, as the Swabians rave about, but also slightly more expensive. It starts first with 120.125 Euro.

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