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The Trend of the Compact SUV has overslept Hyundai yet, now, the new Kona is to shorten the gap quickly. In order to take it at all true, it drives the new Koreans, therefore, somewhat brighter than usual.



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Tom Grünweg

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Monday, 31.07.2017
05:49 PM

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The first impression: Small and strong.

Says the manufacturer: “We’re late,” admits Hyundai’s Vice Chairman Euisun Chung. Although the Korean manufacturer has been building for years, SUV models, has slept through the Trend for SUV’s in a small format yet. In order to be considered a laggard among competitors like the Mazda CX-3, Renault Captur or Opel Mokka X is perceived, must now be tumbled. “We have chosen an exceptionally fresh, bold Design,” says Chung, and he than would have to Shirt the addition of underline, he’s wearing at the world premiere of the new cars, as usual, a dark double-breasted suit, but Jeans and T -.

Hyundai, as a late starter in the Mini-SUVs in good company. Because of the big VW has there is currently a gap in the Portfolio. Chung conjures up at the Premiere of the Kona, however, an ACE from the Sleeve: in the coming year, the Kona is the first electric SUV to pull – if you push the Tesla Model X once foreign to the competition, and with a battery charge of up to 400 kilometers far.

The we noticed: The exterior design is bold, its interior, however, is the effect of Kona as well as reasonable. The is 4.17 meters long car, with a 2.60 m wheelbase provides enough space on all the seats, the trunk reaches with 361 litres of load volume, the level of the compact class, and the operation is no mystery. What is wrong with the Kona, digital instruments, power it with a folding Head-up Display and a touch screen for the Infotainment.

So unlike the Kona for a Hyundai looks, he also departs. Although he does not come close to cars like the Mini Cooper or the Audi Q2. However, competitors like the Renault Captur or Mokka X, he stands out with a comparatively related road situation, at least in the sporting Setup relatively tight steering all. The fatigue Warner would at least be able to save the developer in this car.

What you missed on the long list of equipment, however, are the LED headlights and automatic distance control, as all the necessary Sensors on Board. “We lacked the time,” admits a Hyundai engineer.

The need to know: While the Kona in Korea in the coming weeks in the trade comes, it takes in Germany until November. Therefore, Hyundai announced no specific price. But those who don’t appreciate the entry-level model to 17,000 to 19,000 euros, it is said behind closed doors that is completely wrong.

For the money, there is the Kona with a 120-horsepower three-cylinder engine and front-wheel drive. Alternatively, Hyundai also offers a 1.6-Liter turbo gasoline engine with 170 HP, the power at the first test drive a lively impression. With 265 Nm of torque, it accelerates the Kona in 7.9 seconds from zero to one hundred and cracks at full throttle, the Tempo-200-brand. Whom it draws instead on the fast Lane into the wood, comes with the Kona more than with Captur and co.: “We offer all of our models are also available with all-wheel drive,” says Chairman Wonhee Lee. In addition to the two petrol engines and the electric variant, there will be the Kona Despite all prophecies of doom with a diesel engine, the Hyundai just completely re-developed. Therefore, the Koreans and up-to-the 1.6-Liter diesel with 115 or 136 HP in April 2018.

Photo gallery

Autograph Hyundai Kona:
Shrink-SUV in the color noise

Is built the Kona in Korea, and Lee’s biggest concern is that the production capacity of nearly 200,000 cars in a year, given the boom in the Segment of small SUV is hardly rich. Therefore, the Koreans are flirting with a second production site, should be according to the current planning in Europe.

Let us not forget: There are only a handful of trendy plastic frames, some colorful paint, colored thread, but the variety is refreshing. And she messed up the swirls, the old nomenclature of the paint palette. Because “Acid Yellow”, “Tangerine Comet”, “the Dark Knight”, “Pulse Red” or “Blue Lagoon” are downright funky, and certainly some new sounds from Hyundai.

Vehicle registration certificate


Kona 1.6 T-GDI


Four-Cylinder Petrol Direct Injection Turbo

Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission

All-wheel drive

1.591 ccm

170 HP (125 kW)

265 Nm

From 0 to 100:
7.9 s

Maximum speed:
205 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
7.3 liters

CO2 emissions:
169 g/km

361 liters

1.143 liters

1,401 thousand kg

4165 / 1800 / 1550

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