This Stromer sends Mercedes against Tesla in the race

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With this electric car, Daimler against Tesla in the race.
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Electric mobility in Germany is rather a field of experimentation. Now, however, the chicken-and-Egg is done-discussion, says Daimler boss Zetsche: “The Egg is now placed. Now it’s happening.“

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          Tesla has shown the world that an electric car must be no waiver of the car. Now Mercedes wants to show that the inventor of the car, permitting automobile in this discipline. EQC is the first model of the new Generation of electric cars, the Mercedes sub-brand “EQ” has created. “I have a fever this day,” said Daimler chief Dieter Zetsche on Tuesday in Stockholm, a few hours before in the evening, the world premiere of this car was to be celebrated: “It is a beautiful day.”

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          On the stage, then he praises the car, not with superlatives, but speaks of a “perfect total package” of Innovation and quality, Design and sustainability. Zetsche uses the Swedish term “Lagom”, for there is in German no Translation: a concept for the right amount, not too little, not too much – the fit to the EQC, says Zetsche. But then, the Daimler-chief ended his presentation with a sentence that is from the point of view of the Stuttgart tradition group, something like the absolute superlative, the highest possible praise: “The EQC is not only 100 percent electric, it is, above all, 100 percent of Mercedes.”

          The expectations for the new electric model is huge, especially because of Tesla in some markets has already displaced the Mercedes S-class the most successful car in the luxury class. This is painful for Daimler, not only because it comes with the Nobel cars the largest margins be achieved, but because you do not want to make the top spot in dispute. Full of Pathos, Daimler announced-Chef Zetsche, two years ago at the motor show in Paris: “We throw the switch.” While it had only been the smallest car, Smart, as well as in a small series, the compact B-class in an electric version that creates a Mercedes now a all-electric product family: Up to the year 2022, ten new Stromer to come on the market, from compact cars to luxury sedan. “We have covered about 60 percent of the vehicle segments,” said Dieter Zetsche in an interview with reporters. Of course, it is clear that in the quick succession of new models introduced would have to be.

          No certainty about rapid success

          Who wants to go to the Mercedes dealer to order the EQC, you will only be disappointed. The car, one of those spacious Sports Utility Vehicle, the enjoy lately, the greatest popularity in the most important markets, has been presented with the Premiere in Stockholm of the Public. Can formulated to order it but not until “early in the year 2019,” as Zetsche. And then have the customers in to practice patience, because the production is only driven to and after high.

          The not going as fast as a nitro, where you have tens of years of Routine, the announcement from the Stuttgart group. Especially the coordination of the suppliers around the battery, which, in turn, have no Exercise in Interaction, brings new challenges. The reports of significant production difficulties in the case of Tesla have amazed in Stuttgart, probably no one.

          Strategy by Mercedes to build the electric cars, respectively, in those works, in which also the models with the classical combustion technology – not least from the calculus, that it is then less relevant is how successful the EQ models in the market are: in the same factories and with the same number of cars can be of both drive types to be produced. The new EQC will be the first to be built in Bremen, where the GLC, the nitro variant of the EQC corresponding to the off-road vehicle, is produced. From Bremen, the car will be delivered in the whole world, except for China, where with a few months delay a production for electric cars is to start.

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