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A road bike with electric motor? That sounds like a pretty unsportsmanlike matter. However, in the saddle of the Focus Paralane2 the concerns are quickly. However, not the price.


Stefan Wei├čenborn

Stefan Born White

Sunday, 09.09.2018
At 07:14

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The first impression: Everything is bullshit. What is the point of a road bike with a Pedelec-the Motor? Racing bikes are tuned for higher speeds, the Motor assists the rider but only up to 25 km/h.

Says the manufacturer: There are situations, there are cyclists on a road bike, not so fast, says developer Mark Grunert and defending the concept. On the mountain, for example, where the Paralane2 by means of Assistance is a welcome help. “It is important to avoid peak loads, which is not up to anyone.” Not the highly-motivated student-athlete belong to the core target group, but the fitness-oriented pedal treads upscale ages: “The professional who has no time to go for hours in the Studio to the cardio unit, but, nevertheless, with faster riders want to compete,” says Grunert.

In the Detail it went Focus is to develop a racing bike, which is noticeable in the E-drive. “We have been waiting for so long on a drive system that is so easy,” says Grunert. The technology from the Munich-based manufacturer Fazua weighs just over four pounds: On the down tube clicked the unit from the battery and the engine, including the bottom bracket gearbox, which provides for the direct transmission of force to the chain sits.

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Guide Wheel Focus Paralane2:
Well tuned

Special: you can take alone and 3.3 pounds weighing unit from the battery and drive the Paralane2 in the blink of an eye, decreases the overall weight of the Road bike at less than ten pounds. The frame and fork are manufactured as standard, from the ultra-light Carbon material, which contributes to the high total price of at least 5199 euros.

The we noticed: Where is the E drive just to turn on? On the operating unit on the Handlebar, not ever. The corresponding button is hidden at the top of the drive unit, which needs to be solved to Turn awkward from the frame, which can only be achieved by difficult to move release mechanism.

Clearly, with electrical help the cyclists is even faster in Tempo, the three pedal assistance levels are reflected with a 125 Watt, 250 Watt and 400 Watt. This is so, as the same three riders would enter at the same time in the pedals, according to Grunert. With up to 60 Nm the imposed torque is lower than, for example, in the case of many E-mountain bikes. This is part of the concept, because the Paralane2 should offer the natural feel of driving a “man-powered” bike.

To feel you get the in addition to the comparatively moderate E-support while Pedaling, especially when driven over 25 km/h limit above which the Motor ceases to work. Then the Motor and the bottom bracket, gearbox to be decoupled by the freewheel from each other. Unlike other E-Bikes, the Transition is smooth.

And as the carbon is reflected without the Motor? To remove the drive unit is a little fiddly. This must not be pressed only for the recalcitrant button, but also the front wheel are driven. Only on the mountain, most riders will miss the E-Motor, because the bike is very light-footed. Speeds of over 30 km/h on the level are easy to hold – even easier than with the drive unit in the Luggage. The promised Transformation from a Pedelec to a pure road bike is a success. Without a Motor on the road, otherwise mostly in the context of cable open – a light protection cover should be immediately available.

On test Bike with Shimano components Ultegra mounted group with electric connection: cable and servo motor instead of Bowden cables ensure fast and precise gear changes, the 2×11-circuit. The power comes from a small battery in the seat tube, which should be enough for the Switch to 2000 kilometers of track. The front derailleur is in the front zirpend loud, while the switching plant, which supplies the rear sprocket with the chain, can be at work only an electronic Flip hear. Quieter the E-drive, which is drowned out by the loud clack of the empty run.

The must know: Although they are at the heart of the Paralane2 is, the unit consisting of Motor, battery, power electronics and gearbox with freewheel on the wheel is not complete and, therefore, hardly against theft. At each Pause you have to keep you eye on or carry around.

This one has the part then to the Store, for example, if you SIPS on the top of the pass for coffee. The battery on the bike to refresh, unfortunately, is impossible, according to the Focus for aesthetic reasons.

The Focus is not a professional machine, to its Geometry, which shows that, In comparison to a true road bike fork and front pipe are longer, and the difference in height between the saddle and the steering Wheel, the so-called plume rise, is lower – what are rings with a spacer, the spacers, in turn, individualize. No room for adjustment, the adjustment unit, on the strength of the electric support is selected and the remaining battery power by the LED segments will be displayed. Information during the journey about speed, remaining range, or the like, there is not, because it is the Display is missing.

The entry-level price, the Paralane2 with Shimano is delivered with brakes-105-circuit and disc, an electrical circuit, there is 6999 Euro. The version, with Shimano’s flagship components, Dura-Ace and, in addition, wheelset, crank arms and Handlebars made of Carbon costs 10.499 Euro.

All variants will be living according to the manufacturer, by the way, in Gravel-genes hold, so the Talent to cope with light terrain. In the light of the blazing, 28 mm wide racing tyres hard to believe. For light off-road Driving Focus suggests, therefore, also a 35-Millimeter tire, which can accommodate the fork and the rear triangle just. Developer Grunert: “This is with less air pressure to increase the driving comfort significantly.”

The reminder remained: The Paralane2 power or the Motor is so much fun that you will not descend to. Thus, the proof would be provided that the Cycling shorts was not invented with the soft leather used in vain.

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