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With the first bike for children to gain freedom. But when the Little ones have outgrown the impeller really? And what is the purchase?


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By Hans Dorsch

Thursday, 09.08.2018
At 04:22

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1. When are children ready for their first bike?

Basically, as soon As the child wants. This is often with three or four years. Before the Little ones can speed up with the impeller, the Balance of learning and walks of the parents.

Nevertheless, there are large fluctuations. Some try age of three the wheel of a Playground acquaintance, others around nozzles with six years on the scooter.

2. Help support wheels to try with the children in the first drive?

No. Driving with the support wheels is rather counterproductive. You use, the Bicycle a tricycle, the child then requires no Balance.

If your child already has experience with the impeller, the shift to Cycling is often a matter of minutes. What is new is the pedal. These interfere with the first Try with the new Bike, parents should Unscrew this at the beginning, and the saddle lower. Then, the child can concentrate on the roles. If this works: the pedals back on and go.

imago/ Westend61

Bicycle with support wheels

3. What equipment should have the first wheel?

To Learn, children need only a little. Joachim Schalke knows what matters. He was for many years traffic safety consultant for the police in Cologne, and in his spare time, bike courses to kindergartens. “This so-called game wheels don’t need much more than two wheels and two brakes,” he says. “However, the work should, it is important to pay attention to.” And you are not allowed to be Fall dangerous. With thick rubber knobs at the ends of the handlebar, and a pad over the protruding stem in the handlebar middle, and, above all, without sharp edges prevents serious injury in the event of accidents with a few Extras. Circuit, Light, Park Support? For Learning to be superfluous.

4. Should have the child’s bike is more of a resignation – or hand brake?

The hand-brake. If parents buy a new wheel, it should have no withdrawal. First, the child will require sooner or later anyway on a bike with two hand brakes, and, secondly, it is practical: The cranks to Start it in the correct position and not the brakes, because you step in the wrong direction, works in the first place. The brake handles have to be for children’s hands.

On the other hand, children are very flexible and to adapt quickly. If parents get a well maintained, second-hand wheel with coaster brake, you should take it. The rates also experienced Cycling instructor.

5. What are the facilities of the legislature for children’s bikes in front of writes?

As soon as the child is traveling on the road, must correspond to the wheel of the road traffic regulations. This means, it requires – like every parent’s cycle – two independently working brakes, reflectors on the front, back and on the pedals, as well as a lighting with a Dynamo or battery. To do this, reflectors and a “bright-sounding bell Spokes”. Meanwhile, battery lights so well that they are not really recommended. With USB connection you can easily recharge. Important: “parents should explain to the children but and the sense,” says Schalke. “The security should be fun – so not only is the Coercive stress.”

6. What are the Extras worth the cost?

The Rest of the facilities should depend on what projects the child, or parent and child, with the bike. Luggage rack, fenders, and Park support for the school with the school bag, the useful Extras.

For larger children, a circuit is recommended. For this purpose, the following applies: less is more. Three chainrings in the front two too much. One in the front and 8 gears in the back are completely understanding sufficient, and for children much easier. Also the Hubs are in everyday life comfortable, to weigh more than Derailleurs, and, unfortunately, often combined with a coaster brake.

Except in the case of a mountain bike for sport use, has a suspension fork on a child’s bike. It is superfluous, even off-road. Wide tires with lower air pressure springs and, in the case of the small lightweights better, and save a lot of weight.

7. How crucial is the weight of the bike?

With every Kilo less is the Cycling more fun. Everyone knows almost from his own experience. The following rule of thumb helps when buying: The wheel should not weigh more than one-third of the child – less is better. Anyone who has dragged a Dutch Bike with 25 pounds of a flight of stairs (assuming 75 kg of body weight), suspects that a child has to struggle with a wheel that weighs more than half his body weight. Up to school age, can be dispensed with Extras such as Luggage racks, fenders, and Park support. First, if the satchels must be on the wheel, is this equipment useful.

Early Rider

The Belter Urban weighs only 5.6 pounds

8. How do you recognize a good bike for kids?

All and keypads, such as ringing or brake handles should be large, so that you can grip them better. Children should sit upright on the bike, the easier the Overview. Therefore, the Arm should initially be rather higher than the saddle. And so that is not too far away from the ground, the bottom bracket and ideally below the wheel axles. That should be easy to recognize by thinking of a line from the front wheel to the rear wheel axis. The deeper the point is, the cranks rotate, the better. The cranks should be short (about ten percent of the body size) and the brake handles are easily accessible.

9. Which children’s saddle is recommended?

Always the one that fits best. Of course, mounted on an ordinary child’s bike, a children’s saddle, but whether the fits to the butt of the child, it often turns out only after the first few rides. Often a good solution to the butt Problem, and you will find for little money.

10. Must be a kid tax?

An old racing cyclists rule says: buy always the most expensive bike you can afford, otherwise you think each time you travel, what you’re missing out on. Also, children will enjoy a light, easy running wheel. Is it worth the investment – even if the offspring is grown out after a year. Children’s bikes have an extremely low value of loss, and you can re-sell well.

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