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The Hardware retrofit old diesel vehicles could theoretically start soon. However, some car manufacturers across. The government should have a way to force the car manufacturers for the installation.

Already at the press conference, the Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) and the environment Minister Svenja Schulze (SPD) diesel compromise is present, the amazing contradictions: Yes, you can ask the manufacturer to the customer, wishing to do a Hardware upgrade. And in the next breath: BMW would refuse a Hardware upgrade.

The more days pass, the clearer it becomes that The manufacturer continues to rely primarily on discount offers and prefer to sell new cars than old. As a diesel driver, you can come into the Brood. What does all this mean for me? Here are the main questions and answers are in the Overview.

Who can have a Diesel retrofit?

For Euro 5 Diesel, the Federal government calls for in your concept by the manufacturers is also the possibility of additional exhaust gas purification technology: A so-called SCR catalytic Converter, the harmful oxides of nitrogen by using a urea solution, to a large extent into harmless nitrogen and water vapor converts. The cost of this tag shall bear the manufacturer – you can’t force it. In addition, only diesel owners are eligible for this tag, whose vehicles are registered in one of 14 particularly exhaust-ridden cities or neighboring counties.

In the case of the 14 “intensive” cities are Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Reutlingen, Germany, Düren, Hamburg, Limburg an der Lahn, Düsseldorf, Kiel, Germany, Heilbronn, Backnang, Darmstadt, Bochum and Ludwigsburg. The Federal government expects to 1.38 million diesel cars that come to this question, of their owners a maximum of 20 percent for the Hardware upgrade. All of the 20 percent of the customers should accept the offer, would be the cost for the manufacturer at around 660 million euros.

What is the installation of a SCR-catalyst?

According to ADAC, the installation of an SCR system can reduce the nitrogen oxide emissions of a Euro 5 Diesel by up to 90 percent. In a Test with a prototype from the manufacturer Twintec, the nitrogen oxide values of a converted VW Passat were below the legal limit in the Euro 6 emission standard. However, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions increased, due to the System of approximately five percent.

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Hardware Upgrade:
Is this the solution?

Need to make the manufacturer an upgrade?

No, because a large part of it is not in the affected cars to compromised Diesel Cars, but a properly licensed, non-manipulated models. That is why politicians of the Grand coalition can see no way to force the manufacturer to a Hardware upgrade. Vehicles to encounter in the real operating significantly more exhaust emissions than under laboratory conditions, but would meet the legal requirements, said SPD parliamentary group Deputy Sören Bartol. Especially Euro-5 Diesel to exceed its proper limit: The is 180 Milli grams of nitrogen oxides (NOx) per Kilometer, in fact, they emit an average of around 900 milligrams of NOx per kilometre.

Is there any other way to move the manufacturer to change?

The Federal government could indirectly exert pressure on the manufacturer. This is made possible by the illegal defeat devices that were found in the models of some manufacturers, including 2.4 million cars from Volkswagen and, possibly, to 750,000 in the case of Daimler. New vehicles may be sold only with a valid certificate of Conformity. Therein is to certify that the vehicle complies with the approval of the model measured values. Through the manipulation software which is however not the case, and it can be imposed fines of up to 5000 Euro per sold vehicle. This rule also applies to vehicle types approved in other EU States, thus the authorities have also the possibility of Sanctions against foreign manufacturers.

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Emission standard Euro 6d-temp:
The favorite cars of the Germans – not all of it is available as a clean Diesel

Which manufacturers have agreed to retrofit ready?

So far, only Volkswagen and Daimler, Hardware retrofits offer – however, under certain conditions. Both require that a certified and certified SCR systems are in place. Volkswagen also made to the conditions, “that the Federal government ensures that all manufacturers participate in the appropriate measures”. BMW and Opel were the categorically. In addition, the producers have again and again problems with liability and warranty against Hardware retrofit in the field – to apply according to the Federal government, however, the rebuilder.

The incorporation of such catalysts would be possible in the short term?

Yes, according to suppliers, the first SCR could be catalysts in the beginning of 2019. Also, the Acquisition of the warranty is not a Problem, said the chief of the retrofit provider Baumot, Marcus Hausser: “we have many years of experience.” In the case of Baumot it is expected that conversion costs from 1500 to 2000 euros per vehicle, the ADAC with up to 3300 euros. “For many customers, it is to retrofit more attractive than buying, in spite of premiums, a new car,” says Hausser. The Central Association German motor vehicle trade (ZDK) keeps the installation is also fast to implement. The workshops were set up, said ZDK-Vice-President Thomas Peckruhn. The had shown earlier conversion actions, such as the particulate filter for diesel cars. MIRROR-information that a car manufacturer is already working on a retrofit solution: the Volvo has a joint application with the supplier, Dr. Pley a permit for a retrofit System, at the force travel Federal office.

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