Thus, the Grand coalition fell apart-diesel compromise in seven days

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The Berlin-based bans are the next low blow for the Grand coalition in the diesel crisis. Key decisions of the recent summit are practically worthless. The chronology of failure.

Automakers Balk against Hardware retrofits

Full-bodied, the Large coalition of drivers of old diesel cars was a conversion of the exhaust gas purification in view. A holder wool to fit the Euro 5 Diesel with a urea catalyst, “expect the Federal government by the respective automobile manufacturer, that he assumes the costs for this, including the installation,” wrote the coalition last week, in the night of Monday to Tuesday in the agreement paper.

The disillusionment was followed by 11.43 PM on Tuesday. Namely, since the German press Agency spread a message of Opel fault showed generic. The company will reject the need for retrofits, “because they are not economically Mature, worthwhile and technologically”. In addition, it would take too long, the retrofits perform. BMW followed 42 minutes later. Virtually no role, therefore, is that Volkswagen was more open. Because the wolf Burger want to retrofit according to their own statements only if all the other manufacturers do it.

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Driving prohibitions:
In these German cities Diesel are undesirable

Exchange premiums little

Cheerful German Federal Minister of transport, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) praised on the day after the long diesel night the “exchange program with attractive conversion premiums”. Producers have promised discounts in the amount of several Thousand Euro, if the holder give your Diesel exhaust standard Euro 4 and Euro 5 in payment.

But on Wednesday were in doubt according to. Manufacturer granted prior to the decision of the Federal government discounts in a similar amount, said car Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the study by the University of Duisburg-Essen. “Presumably, it will then offset the today’s discounts to be a part of it.” It is a misnomer threatens, in the case of the manufacturer, in the best case, a fraction of the discounts in addition.

Foreigners not with: From German manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW had the Federal government’s firm Commitments for the so-called exchange premium to be obtained. With a view to foreign manufacturers, the Grand coalition showed itself to be only cautiously optimistic. “Of the foreign automobile manufacturers, we expect that you will make your customers comparable deals,” says the paper.

However, showed the foreign manufacturer in the days that followed, little inclination, from Berlin to follow. Renault, Toyota, and Nissan do not take old Diesel in the payment, most of the other providers to advertise with such an offer.

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Emission standard Euro 6d-temp:
The favorite cars of the Germans – not all of it is available as a clean Diesel

Euro-6 Diesel but not safe from bans

With your diesel compromise, the Federal government wanted to give, especially to drivers of Euro 5 diesel engines safety before driving prohibited – by the so-called exchange premiums or Hardware retrofits. Name of newer cars it is on the Website of the Federal Ministry of transport: “Euro-6 affected vehicles, possible driving bans? No.”

You, however, may yet, on Monday at 17.06 PM . To be notified of the date the Deutsche Presse-Agentur the Berlin Senate test driving bans for diesel cars with the exhaust emission standards Euro 6a, 6b and 6c. “The Euro 6 Diesel are known for all dimensions clean,” said a spokesman for the Senate transportation administration on Monday to a report of Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg.

Video analysis: “There will be more bans”



Court of the Grand coalition compromise does not impress

With the diesel agreement of last week, the coalition government wanted to take to court decisions. In cities with a nitrogen oxide load of not more than 50 micrograms per cubic meter of air, the limit values could be complied with “in the future, without traffic restrictions”. “In this respect, traffic restrictions would be the driveway (or drive through) for reasons of air pollution in these cities is disproportionately”.

The administrative court of Berlin saw the different. Seven days after the agreement is announced it on Tuesday at 15 p.m., the Federal capital, in eleven sections of road diesel driving bans to impose. The value in Berlin was, according to the Federal environment Agency in the past year, with 49 micro-grams. Driving bans for the Euro 6 Diesel did not want to exclude the Senate.

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