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It is high time that those who have it only on the internal combustion engine and then to the individual mobility apart, decided to oppose it and the reason to form a rescue lane.
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The discussion of the diesel engine is lost for any reason. Germany is the next key industry. A Comment.

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          With the aim of the CO2-emissions of passenger cars to reduce by 2030, 30 percent, was the Federal environment Minister, Svenja Schulze left for Brussels, with minus 35 per cent, it came back. In consultation with the Federal Chancellery, the tightening was possible, said the SPD politician, and Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed in the affirmative, the result of creating predictable and portable. Germany did not have to block in the negotiations, but bridges between the different positions of the member States, claimed Schulze. Of course, positions of a responsible from Malta, as we know, not a stronghold of the industry, and of other members, which have no auto industry. Of a government in whose country of two million people from the car, they would not have wished only to employees of Daimler, Volkswagen or BMW more orientation to the technical feasibility.

          Holger Appel

          An editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

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          The EU environment Council agreed a reduction target is the recent low point of a rich development of the past two years. You befeuernde discussion has lost any measure, it follows only slightly captious arguments, and distinguishes nothing more. To explain to someone why a sharper CO2 target is declared, but at the same time in an unprecedented campaign, the diesel engine will be outlawed because of its nitrogen oxide emissions as a poison slingshot. Zero emissions don’t even have electric cars, because electricity needs to be produced.

          As a lackey of the industry, branded

          What exhaust is bothering us now? Reminder: The Diesel emits less CO2 than the gasoline engine. Because buyers shift scared of success. The CO2 emissions of new cars stagnated, after he was previously dropped for years. At the forthcoming UN climate change conference is like coming to the language, and it is already clear who is to blame for the auto industry, which builds, instead of the small car fat SUV just because of the customers. Business? Doesn’t matter. Technical Connections? No longer interested in.

          Germany is, according to chemistry and energy, the next key industry. Who presents itself as a technology Professor, pulmonologist, or a Journalist against the Claque of the new “Mainstream”, is branded non-governmental organizations, such as the dubious methods of operating the German environmental aid as a lackey of the industry. The acts.

          Courts impose on the actions of the environmental aid led to a series of driving bans, because the law allows seemingly nothing else, and because the municipalities have not taken care of in clean-air plans. Now the judges to mend a carpet: the Times streets will be closed, changes to environmental zones. But what is proportionate? The closures will cause detours, the additional mileage. Can this be useful? The bickering Grand coalition fails to adapt the law to, to submit to the courts a practical handle. Meanwhile, all those who can’t afford the high Rents in the cities and to work have to commute to despair.

          On the loss of innocent owners remain seated

          Of course, the fraud on the part of Volkswagen is at the beginning. But what is become of it, defies description. With the sentence “The auto industry has lied and cheated” was condemned by the Chancellor in the Hessian election campaign, the industry as a whole, as the line brought the Minister of transport did with the Call of the Chairman of the Board. Both know that, apart from the rigged car from the VW group all the others were allowed to Stand legally.

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