Toyota Prius 2019 : first picture of the model restyled before Los Angeles

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The new Toyota Prius will be presented at the occasion of the exhibition of Los Angeles 2018, at the end of November.

Toyota unveils first photo of the Prius restyled, which will be presented at the salon of Los Angeles in 2018, at the end of November.

Launched in 2016, the Toyota Prius is about to go through the box restyling. The new model will be officially presented at the end of November on the occasion of the salon of Los Angeles 2018. But Toyota already reveals the first photo of the new Prius on a snowy road. If the projections of snow obscuring the car, we can notice that this model sports a new body colour of blue, which is not without recalling that of the Toyota Mirai.

The current Toyota Prius

As for the other new features, they should be limited to shields and optical designs, a multimedia system improved, or even new upholstery. The release date of the new Prius in France is scheduled for February 2019.


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