Toyota recalls a Million cars

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Japan’s largest auto manufacturer has problems with Airbags in several models and recalls a Million cars. In Germany alone, of 170,000 Toyota vehicles are affected.

World’s 1.06 million vehicles back in the workshops. The danger that Airbags would be disabled by a fault in the airbag control unit or during travel triggered, there is Toyota Deutschland announced in Cologne, Germany.

In Germany it is expected that about 170,000 cars were affected. The models of Avensis, Corolla and Corolla Verso. The owner will be contacted accordingly and will be asked to leave the airbag control unit replaced. This takes an hour and is free of charge.

Several recalls due to Airbags

A further recall of approximately 600,000 vehicles in connection with Takata Airbags, it adds to a group spokeswoman said in Japan. Of about 255,000 cars were registered in Europe – there, the passenger must be repaired Airbags.

Toyota needs to call back for the umpteenth Time this year, a larger number of vehicles because of problems with Airbags. Already in February, and in March there had been such actions.


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