Toyota recalls more than a Million cars

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Due to danger of short circuit, Toyota with millions of vehicles, you must call back in the workshop in Germany cars are affected, including the flagship Prius model.

Toyota calls because of the risk of short-circuits in the motor area in the world, more than a Million cars in the workshop. In Germany only a comparatively few copies were affected with 22.089 piece, however, informed the manufacturer on Thursday on request. Previously, the specialist magazine, “kfz had reported operation”. It is according to Toyota, a voluntary, free action – immediate threat would not exist.

The recall covers models of the Prius, built between July 2015 and may 2018. Also, the Plug-in Version is affected (from March 2016 to may 2018), as well as the Crossover Model, Toyota C-HR (may 2016 to may 2018), it is also available as a Hybrid model.

According to the Japanese manufacturer, a cable tree can push in the engine compartment, on the edge of a cover, and in the course of time due to friction damage. The insulation will significantly affected, could be followed by a short-circuit.

The Prius was a long-time Golf Japan

Toyota is a case in which there was a Smoke. With 554.000 cars around the half and the largest part of the recall volume, in Japan, is eliminated. Over several years the Prius was on the home market of the manufacturer, the best-selling car – and thus something like the VW Golf in Germany. The last of the Nissan Note E was open-Power to the Prius and even in the admission of outdated numbers.


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