Traffic accidents leading cause of death of young people

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Around 1.3 million people worldwide die in traffic accidents each year – more than from HIV. This was the result of an alarming report from the world health organization.

Worldwide, 1.35 million people die each year in road traffic accidents – traffic accidents are the leading cause of death for children and young people between the ages of five and 29 years. In addition, the number of traffic deaths increased in only three years, to around 100,000.

According to a report by the world health organization (WHO), based on data from the year 2016. In the previous report, based on data from the year 2013, it was estimated the number of deaths in road traffic to 1.25 million per year.

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists are particularly at risk of

“These deaths are at an unacceptable price for mobility,” said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Particularly vulnerable pedestrians and cyclists, the report says. The main results of the WHO study, are:

  • Traffic accidents are in the world ranking eight of the most common causes of death, ahead of HIV/Aids or diarrheal diseases
  • For people over the age of five until the age of 29 in a traffic accident is the most common cause of death
  • The death rate declined since the year 2000, only slightly, from 18.8 deaths per 100,000 people to 18.2
  • Only 109 of the 175 countries studied, a country-wide emergency number, assistance can be requested
  • 3,700 people worldwide die per day from traffic accidents

Despite the rise in road deaths the Rate was stabilized in comparison to the increasing number of people and cars in the world in the past few years, it said. This would indicate that security measures in richer countries scaled back concerns about the Situation. However, the risk of fatal road traffic accidents in poor countries is still three times as high as in wealthy countries.

Safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists contribution

Especially speed limits, rules against drink-driving, seat – belt and helmet duties have made important contributions to safety. Also, a more secure infrastructure, such as sidewalks and designated bike paths, as well as a rigorous technical Monitoring of vehicles contribute to the report. In these areas, many countries had improved, however, poorer countries are also in this field far behind.

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Particularly on the African continent, the death numbers are high, writes the WHO. With a year to 26.6 road deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, the Rate was significantly higher than in Europe, with 9.3, where at the same time, with the fewest traffic fatalities in the world.


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