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Edgy, boxy, colossal: From drivers perspective trucks often terrifying. Designers want to let the steel monster is now more sympathetic to appear.



From Hannover Jürgen Pander reported

Wednesday, 26.09.2018
11:47 PM

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A front window as a display window, a driver’s cabin at the height of the eyes, large and curious-looking headlights eyes: YOU dare CitE a load, such as from a Heal the world picture book. The cab is located far forward, and exceptionally deep. The floor in the cabin is completely flat, and the front passenger seat folded, like in the movies, automatically. So the driver can get out easily to the right by an electrical swivel-sliding door, for example, to deliver packages.

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Truck Design:
Beautiful Shoe Boxes

With its new optics, the purely electric CitE is a nerd in the Truck world. The industry wasted normally, there is no second for the creative Design, which is also on the trade fair for commercial vehicles IAA in Hanover. Usually it is exclusively the function. Who wants to change the Form, you must explain what it brings and whether it’s worth it. A spot to transform, just so he looks new, is out of the question – is bright enough lights, he is doing so, or so.

Vehicles are not to look threatening or aggressive

But slowly something is going on, such as the ONE-truck shows. “We have developed the CitE from the inside to the outside. And completely new body concept as well as to the new drive concept, a new language of form,” said Holger Koos, head of design Truck & Bus at MAN. The charisma is a side-effect of the electric drive, which requires less space than a gas, and a cooling-air openings as well as unnecessary. In addition, the unusual Design will draw attention to the fact that the 15-ton truck to be driven electrically, and hence – at least locally – emission-free.



The new electric truck looks from the front more like a city bus, fits on a General, ONE-line, according to the according to Koos Truck “no way threatening or aggressive” look. “So we avoid sharp edges or lines that radiate aggressiveness.” A Truck front end, basically a vertical wall of steel and concrete, approximately 2.50 m wide and 3.50 meters high, is already scary enough.

60 innovations, but only one is visible

At the IAA, but there are a number of examples of highly modern, and yet classic-looking Truck. In hall 14, at Mercedes. “He is a digital animal,” says Kai Sieber, pointing to the new tractor unit Actros. In the last 60 car technical innovations stuck, but the Run looks like the Truck appearance. Sieber, head of design at Mercedes Van and Trucks, one can at least point to a visual feature: “The lack of side mirrors, change the proportions,” he says.

Instead of large-format mirror-right corner to the left and to the right of the doors there are the new Actros, a bit higher positioned and a lot of smaller cameras that look out to the rear. “The new technology of the Actros I would have done like on the outside, but the customer brought no additional benefit would have been,” says Sieber. This is also part of the reality of the commercial vehicle Designs.

In the car industry it would be unthinkable that a new Car model to introduce, not least the headlights, the trim and the bumper re-shaped. But Trucker tick completely different.

Car and Truck Design you can’t combine

“It would be a mistake to judge the Design of commercial vehicles based on passenger Car criteria,” says Lutz fügen-local, Professor for Transportation Design at the Pforzheim University of applied Sciences. “Some manufacturers build Cars and Trucks that fall exactly into this trap. Since getting the truck on the keck curved headlights, which don’t make any sense. There’s a lot of mischief is done.”

YOU don’t build cars, but only buses and trucks. Especially the Truck from the manufacturer, as is Ornament, in fact, a crime. Design chief Koos formulated the more elegant: “For us, Design means that should you see things, what they are made of and how they are used. Design makes the technology visible.”

It comes to every inch of cargo area

He and his 20 colleagues were selected by the German Design Council’s “Design Team of the Year” – for the end-to-end and sustainable brand design. “We are not designing to make something pretty, but we put a technical specification in which, for example, also to a comfortable start and good ergonomics can go, creatively.”

This is the one. The other constraints, targets and limits that must be met and at the same time, maxed out, because who buys a Truck wants to make money. It is every inch. Because in the United States, for example, a semi-trailer must 16,15 meters (53 feet), and there are also no length restrictions, the use of the tractors, according to lush, mostly with long hoods and extra large sleeping compartments behind the cab.

Photo gallery

Truck Design:
Beautiful Shoe Boxes

In Germany and Europe, the requirements are different. Here is a Standard semi-trailer is 13,60 meters long, and the entire tractor-trailer may not be longer than 16,50 meters. It’s less than 2.90 meters for the cab of the tractor to remain so, because between Truck and trailer must remain a certain gap, to ensure the necessary freedom of movement to ensure when driving a curve. The design space is therefore minimal. The consequence of this is that it is not the more elegant Design, but the space-saving solution is implemented.

Good Truck Design is more important in the future

The Truck manufacturer to maintain a radical pragmatism. Motto: When buying a commercial vehicle, the costs are decisive, not the Design. “I doubt that this is really so,” says however, a Design Professor fügen-local. Because even with the Truck there is less and less technical differences, all the models are now similar to the efficient – so aesthetic preferences will then come into the game. Fügen-local: “at some point, the customer must decide, so why not for the Truck that suits him better?”

The scientist keeps the aesthetic cozying up to the Truck designers also because of the increasingly self-driving trucks for almost mandatory. “If a 40-tonne robotic vehicle looks even evil, people run away screaming,” says fügen-local. For this reason alone, the Truck would need to seek the Designer a friendly feel to their products.

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