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The Cadillac Escalade is the most luxurious SUV, the America has to offer. Rappers to like him and the Secret Service. Author Michael Specht was allowed to him to test and was ashamed a bit.


Michael Specht

By Michael Specht

Wednesday, 12.09.2018
At 04:21

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The oncoming driver greets friendly with light horn. As the owners of special cars like to do, if you don’t believe that the Pilot of the other car just sits in the same type vehicle, but also a soul mate must be.

In the case of the car is the largest and most luxurious SUV has to offer America is currently the Cadillac Escalade. In California, he stands at almost every street corner or driving the luxury miles in Beverly Hills up and down.

On tax girls or dubious rappers to come “rims gepimpte” versions with huge chrome mostly sit. Also in the daily U.S. television, he is present when Trumps force, the Secret Service, again on thick pants. His wife, Melania is said to have revealed the car at the time of its presentation.

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Cadillac Escalade:
Great again

In Germany, however, the Cadillac Escalade is a real rarity. Last year, the Federal motor transport authority (KBA) registered in Flensburg, just 151 new registrations. What is not a surprise really.

Because with the monster in a small truck Dimension comes at a cost-a disadvantage to the other. The neighbors shake suddenly with the head, if you see a and their children to run scared, once the Venture turns into the game road. In a socially responsible manner, the car is not.

18 liters of Fuel on 100 kilometers of highway

Therefore, you can get out of the car, it is even difficult to be impartial. At least for me, it was so, I felt constantly under pressure to justify. No conversation with passers-by ended without the mandatory question after the consumption.

If eight-cylinder to get more than 2.7 tons of mass in motion, of thirst, of course. The driver of the service, the is transferred to the test car from Frankfurt to Hamburg, reported that 134 euros in Fuel for the trip of about 500 kilometers of motorway. At an average litre price of about 1,50 Euro would result in a consumption of 90 liters (98 liters fit in your Tank). So that makes 18 litres on 100 kilometres. Urban use and short range, cracking even the 20-litre mark, as the test drives after that. The American motorist interested hardly, after all, he pays the equivalent of less than 50 cents for a litre of petrol.

Does not share the Concerns of the Escalade driver in a German city, for example, in the search for a Parking space. The car is in need of Parking, the same bus stop. You risked it to go to the Park house, breaks out into a nervous sweat. 5.18 metres in length, while still reasonably maneuverable, a Mercedes S-class is similar in length. But, 2.06 m width (without side mirrors) and a height of 1.90 metres in connection with the truck standard Seating position create almost claustrophobic in the otherwise rather airy buildings.

Most of the Parking space markings are only two meters – and thus much too narrow for a Cadillac. Those who manage to squeeze in somehow in the gap, even out of the car (or the neighbor is no longer in his car). Dents in doors are programmed.

Retractable running boards as a Highlight

You manage to come to terms with the dimensions, there is in turn an unprecedented driving feeling. The Escalade is a pleasant glides without sporting ambitions, a comfort-tuned giant-SUV, the Cadillac felt all of the Extras put in, the money can currently buy in the car scene at all.

This is a little reminiscent of 1957, the Eldorado Brougham came on the market. The flagship with the rear is the most expensive Cadillac had fins back then, and had for the time exceptional facilities – for example, an air-conditioned trunk, air suspension, cruise control or a Radio with channel search.

Today, there are things such as Head-up Display, Bose Surround sound system, three zone automatic climate control, refrigerated compartment in the center console or the Magnetic Ride Control suspension. The latter fits within a few milliseconds of the shock absorber to the road conditions.

Michael Specht

Retractable Running Boards

The coolest number, however, if, at the garden party time again only about cars talk – boards are the electrically retractable. No joke, they are there, and they are even extremely useful. Because the Escalade is in its height is more Truck than Car, so you have to climb in the car. Also when you get Off the boards, ensure not help that the feet hang in the air.

There is also a long version

About the unusual premises of the US has a SUV as well. Up to eight people in three rows of square and behind it, still 431 litres of Luggage can be stowed. Move qualities, the two rear rows of seats flat and space for up to 2668 litres. The cargo area measures of 1.20 times 2.00 meters. Not your stay – even in the short version. Cadillac offers the Escalade in an extended variant. You reached 5,70 meters.

The American luxury oversized appear-SUV (price from 99.900 euros) in Europe, so he’s provocative in terms of environmental and resource-conserving kind of person, it educates its drivers to Serenity and tranquility. Never ambitions came up, someone quickly overtaking or in front of him one more in order to gain a few seconds. Easy going, relaxed, rollers, sovereign, Slip, sublime feeling. Has also what. In a way, one can understand the Americans with their big toys.

Vehicle registration certificate


Cadillac Escalade V8



Eight-Speed Automatic

All-wheel drive

6.162 ccm

426 HP (313 kW)

621 Nm

From 0 to 100:
6.7 s

Maximum speed:
180 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
12,6 liters

CO2 emissions:
287 g/km

1.461 liters

2.668 Liter

2.710 kg

5179 / 2061 /1896

114.500 EUR

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