Type class changes for eleven million cars

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Nearly six million Automobile liability get insured with your car in a higher type class, a little less in a lower. Many a holder to threaten a four-digit costs in the year.

About every fourth MTPL insured in Germany is registered with his car now in a different type class. Nearly 5.7 million of the holder (14 percent) compared to the previous year to a higher, around 5.4 million slides in a lower class (13 percent). The General Association of German insurance industry (GDV), with the shares due to the annual recalculation of the classes. For almost three-quarters of the holders, nothing will change, because around 29.5 million drivers stay in the type class of the previous year.

For existing contracts, the changes usually means 1. January 2019. For new contracts, the classes can be used immediately.

In the case of full insurance, it remains a little more than half (53 percent) of the policyholders in the same class. 44 percent can take advantage of a lower classification, while three percent are in a higher class. In the part of hull it remains for 61 percent in the prior-year classification. More than every third slips in a more favorable (37 percent) of the class, for two per cent it goes up.

Special right of termination in the case of contribution increase

The type class is one of many characteristics, from which an insurance contribution. The classes are calculated according to the damages and repair costs caused by a car model in the cutting of all contracts. These are low, it comes in a low class. High damage and services of insurance lead to high classes. Models with high ratings are often powerful cars of the upper class, or SUVs. Small cars or older models are often found in the low classes.

The consumer portal Check24 calculated that the owner of a part of the hull and machinery insured Toyota RAV4 Hybrid could be due to the new classification of type classes up to 1134 Euro more for his Car insurance. Cheaper the insurance could be, therefore, for the driver of a VW Tiguan 2.0 TSI – in the best case, to 264 Euro.


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