Uber wants to re-test the self-driving cars

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In March, a self-driving Uber car rammed into the United States, a pedestrian and injured her fatally. Now Uber wants to take on after a Pause, with the Robot-testing – with new security measures.

The car service mediator Uber wants cars after a fatal accident stopped the Robot Tests. The traffic authority of the state of Pennsylvania examining a corresponding application, said a spokeswoman for the Wall Street Journal. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi insured car in a report of the Robot division, on Friday, that the car will only be re-autonomously on public roads, if improvements were implemented in the security.

Uber can be the test car since July, only human controlled drive again by Pittsburgh. The robot car Tests had been discontinued after the March, one of the vehicles, a pedestrian in Arizona had killed.

According to a preliminary report by the accident investigation authority NTSB, the Uber-Software had problems to identify the woman pushing a Bicycle next to. The car is not braked. By the manufacturer of the Volvo built-in emergency braking system was disabled. And video footage from the vehicle is not to see that the security driver at the wheel looked before the impact on the road.

Of Uber Changes to it, that two persons should sit on each test run in the car. It will also monitors whether a driver is tired or distracted. And the emergency brake will remain on.

U.S.-according to media reports, Uber was considering the car but also a setting of the Robot program, the cost, according to the “Wall Street Journal” last year alone, 750 million dollars. For a service such as Uber, self-driving cars in perspective, but also a massive cost benefits and therefore the company continues to focus on the development of its own robot car technology.


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