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New addition to the McLaren-sports car, family Ultimate Series: the P1 of the Senna. The name of the formula 1 heroes of the 922.000 Euro expensive high-flyers, and with good reason.



Tom Grünweg

Tom Grünweg

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Tuesday, 14.08.2018
At 04:26

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The first impression: A high – Flyer for the McLaren Senna looks more fighter jet than car.

Says the manufacturer: For McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt is the Senna in a car of extremes. Never there have been such a no-compromise McLaren for the road, the legendary models of F1 and P1 included. Mark Gayton, who is in charge at McLaren, the Ultimate Series, returned for this car in the development process. “Normally, we plan a road car and a race car, while Senna it was the other way around,” says the developer. “Our mission was a true circuit racer, we had to then painstakingly through all the approval hurdles.”



The we noticed: climb in, buckle up, drive off – so just take the Senna. Because in this car it is less of a driver than a Pilot. So you have to carry through narrow doors in even closer carbon shells constraints, helmet and neck protection, the HANS, and then of helpers in the six-point belt fixation. Subsequently, an exceptional operation is waiting for the driver. Because there is hardly a dashboard, in which any switch can be accommodated, and no center console, wandered all the important controls to the roof, as in the case of a Jet engine.

But as soon as the engine is running only once, not more, there are already a lot of. Then, it’s about the Ride, for this you have to press any buttons. Before the Senna rolls from the pit lane, you feel at one with the car. And not only because of the perfect ergonomics, but because you can feel the car better than any other of this caliber. Noise and vibration are not hidden, but due to an extremely rigid connection is reinforced, so that any Acceleration moves literally in the bone. Neither the speedometer nor the tachometer are necessary, because you feel almost, how fast the engine is running.

The car is less a machine, but rather a muscle that moves. However, you should do very carefully. Because the reaction is immediate and explosive, there is no limit. A small movement on the steering Wheel, and rips and tears it’s the Senna. The bodywork is so Bock stiff, the suspension is so hard and the accelerator pedal is so sensitive that half a degree more in the right foot triggers a catapult-like intermediate sprint. Uncompromising and the brakes work.

That you can drive the McLaren, however, almost intuitively, and the ideal line comes with a bit of Practice near, not just because of the incredibly tight connection between the driver and the vehicle. It is also due to the 800 pounds of downforce, the loads at 250 km/h on the car and the specially-cut Pirelli Tyres in such a way on the Asphalt presses, the centrifugal force has little Chance; it is also the for a super sports car with unusually good Overview. While it looks otherwise, loopholes, rather by shooting, spreads the path in front of the driver, such as a wide screen. To do this, you can see through the glazed doors directly on to the Curbs, which facilitates Approaching the apex of a curve.

Take a look in the interior of the McLaren Senna – with our 360-degree photo:

What you will notice in the noise of the lawn, is the active aerodynamics of the Senna. It is only when one turns to the edge of the Piste, or – even better – a driving recording in slow motion, you will discover how much the game is the huge rear wing. To brake, he turns almost perpendicular to the Wind, because it is tilted by up to 35 degrees. And you can see the balancing effect, when beyond 200 km/h, or in the case of a full braking, the Valves in the bow open and the flow, so that the car is not to be immersed and to be in control more difficult.

The need to know: The Senna belongs to, such as P1, to the so-called Ultimate Series of the McLaren. It is produced in more than 300 hours per car largely by Hand and shipped from this summer, prices starting from 922.250 Euro. For this, he provides driving services that are no less extreme: From 0 to 100 it accelerates in 2.8 seconds, and 200, he has reached after 6.8 seconds, the 300 is flickering, 18.8 seconds on the digital Display. The Top speed is the McLaren with 340 km/h. No wonder, then, that the 2.8-kilometre-long Start / finish Straight of the formula 1 course of Estoril where Ayrton Senna won his first Grand Prix, casual pace 290.

The Senna is based theoretically on the model 720S, but with the previous Top model little more than the carbon tub of the basic structure, the retractable digital display behind the steering Wheel and the Block of the 4.0-Liter V8 engine overhead. Model series-in-chief Gayton: “Everything else is specially designed for the Senna.” It starts with the 800 HP of power and 800 Nm of torque high-bred engine, the seven-stage dual-clutch gearbox in the rear is new, the spectacular body and the adaptive adjustable suspension, as well as the Spartan cabin. There are no shelves, and wherever you look, raw, untreated carbon.

The task is to develop a race car and to squeeze him into the corset of the admission regulation, was more difficult than I thought. Especially the third brake light, the soft to the three-flow exhaust and, therefore, unusually far to the top had to wander, had cost “quite a lot of discussions with the authorities,” says Gayton.

It is built of Senna exactly 500 Times, the edition is long since sold out. And on the race version R GT hope, will also help. Of the, there will be only 75 copies of which have already applied for more than 200 customers.

We will not forget: The futile search for the right brake point. Because in Conjunction with the new ceramic brake discs and the aerodynamics of the McLaren of Senna, such a brutal delay, that it rises also in the fifth, or the tenth attempt, too early in the iron.

Vehicle registration certificate



Sports car

V8-Turbo Diesel-Direct Injection

Seven-Speed Dual-Clutch Transmission


3.994 CC

800 HP (588 kW)

800 Nm

From 0 to 100:
2.8 s

Maximum speed:
340 km/h

0 Liter

1.198 kg

4744 / 2153 / 1229

922.250 GBP

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