Vacuum cleaner company plans to test site for E-cars

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It is a small Sensation was as if the vacuum cleaner specialist Dyson has announced to develop E-cars. The project is progressing apparently.

Dyson, known for its innovative vacuum cleaners and luxury, a hair dryer, seems to make progress in its E-car project. The British company announced that it is planning a 16-kilometre-long test track for battery-powered vehicles.

On the former British military base in Hullavington, South of England, there will be opportunities for Handling and driving stability tests, but also test the possibility of off-road features of the car. Be planned in addition to a sling plate and a high-speed oval, but also the office building for 2000 employees.

Dyson had bought the former Station of the Royal Air Force in the past year, and already two Hangars from the 1938 restored, where 400 Employees work. The site is located in the vicinity of the group headquarters in Malmesbury.

James Dyson is a supporter of Brexit

Previously, the company had announced a three-car models to come from 2021 on the market. Dyson is researching a new type of solid-battery, the energy is more efficient than today’s Lithium-ion save battery. For the production of the vacuum cleaner-a specialist in Asia, but also Britain had brought into the game. “We will produce the car there, where we manufacture the batteries,” said founder and CEO James Dyson at the time the “Guardian”.

The billionaire James Dyson, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Britain, was a prominent supporter of Brexit. He saw, however, with criticism faced because he had moved a large part of its production to Asia. The company said it a total of 2 billion pounds (2.2 billion Euro) will invest in its electric car program. The reconstruction of the airfield in a test site rated Dyson with £ 200 million (EUR 221 million).

The advance of the domestic appliance specialist Dyson in the E-car market is further evidence of the upheaval in the industry. Electric vehicles are less complex and therefore to build lighter than cars with a combustion engine. The power of non-industry competitors to enter the passenger Car business easier.

Deutsche Post is successfully using the E-model

As a model of success in this change is the street scooter, which is manufactured by the German Post in the series. The vehicle was in a Start-up from the environment of the Technical University of Aachen, and was taken over by the Post office.


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