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The Opel Combo was mainly a car for tradesmen and delivery services. The next edition is to inspire families. That could work.



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Tom Grünweg

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Friday, 14.09.2018
At 06:02

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The first impression: The new Combo is a bit reminiscent of Obelix the Gaul: He looks a bit big and out of the glue gone, but all around likeable.

Says the manufacturer: “A nahbares car” – the so-called Opel-commercial-vehicle-in-chief Tobias Stöver the new Combo. The car is supposed to be an Alternative for customers who need a lot of space and variability, but not quite so much attention, and therefore to an SUV to decide. “Flexibility and space, a modern Infotainment, a lot of assistance systems and many practical Details make it an all-rounder for everyday life,” says Stöver.

Although there is the Combo for four generations. But so far, the car has always been a modified craft car. This came in the case of private clients apparently not really, as Opel spokesman Patrick Munsch says. The new model however, according to the Grand country X and Crossland X is the third joint project with Peugeot and Citroën, is a full-fledged passenger Car, rebuilt for the commercial customer. Therefore, Opel hopes that the car will now be approved more private.

To date the rüsselsheim-based company played in the Segment for high-roof vans. More success the identical models of the Citroën Berlingo and Peugeot Rifter had. Overall, the demand for such family vans is on the rise – in the past few years by a third.

The we noticed: It does not always have an SUV, on the contrary. Anyone looking for a really practical car, and not just an excuse to show off, driving with a high-roof station wagon like the Combo much better. Because what is missing, the car may have Prestige, he makes up for with space.

Photo gallery

Autograph Opel Combo:
Under the roof of a compartment

This is not only true for children, of which for the first Time in the Opel three-in-one Isofix seat side by side on the rear bench fit. It also applies to the case, which are allowed to have up to 1050 liters of volume, without the need to remove a seat. And it is especially true for the many little things that you carry with you: Two dozen shelves in all possible and impossible Places to make the Combo to be a dream car for load master, but also a treasure trove for Forget. Surprising what you can find after a few days, so everything in the cellar flaps in the footwell, in the of internally mounted and accessible from both sides, the roof box, in the door pockets, or the many small things-craters in the Cockpit.

Even the generous interior height, the improve otherwise, only the feeling of space and the fuel consumption increases, the Combo is a kind of continuous high shelf under the glass roof. It is made of transparent plastic, and therefore in the dark is especially practical Because the shelf is illuminated from above, one realizes ripped the items straight away to the Shadows and does not have to dig for a long time afterwards.

Take a look in the interior of the Opel Combo – with our 360-degree photo:

The Combo demonstrated how his whole Segment has changed. Such Vans used to be commercial vehicles with a bit more plush, there is new Combo hardly a difference to a Corsa or Crossland. This applies to facilities with a dozen of comfort and assistance systems from the Head-up Display, lane departure warning, Touchscreen Navigation left up to the steering wheel heater.

And this is true for the driving behavior. The 130-HP Diesel is not only powerful, but also cultured and well-insulated. The eight-speed automatic of the Opel flagship Insignia switches are soft and the suspension irons out the road smooth, so that one could sit for hours at the wheel. Even a couple of quick bends in it, although the Combo can’t deny the high build-up of course. For the customer this is all a profit, but for Opel may be dangerous. Because a Van as the much more expensive Zafira it doesn’t need more now, actually.

The need to know: Order the Combo, with prices starting at 19,995 for the Euro since June, delivered he will be starting in September. It is available in two lengths, namely 4,40 or 4.75 meters, and in accordance with 775 and 1050 litres of cargo volume. Standard the large tailgate with a separately opening windscreen, a sliding door, a second sliding door on the left-hand side is optional. In the rear, Opel is building three individually movable, or easily removed seats and provides for both body variants, a third row of seats.

Under the unusually high bonnet Opel fitted either with a petrol engine with 1.2 Liter displacement and 110 HP or a 1.5-litre Diesel in three power stage 76, 102 or 130 HP. The eight-speed automatic is optional – the comfort enormously. Although Opel sets this time value on the Car, but the Hessen want to keep the commercial customers and offer the Combo with a few weeks delay, and lower prices as a commercial Cargo version.

Let us not forget That the champion of the possibilities are not infallible, one can recognize that it is the Designer with the shelves a bit exaggerated. The large slot behind the Navi screen can only be used with rubber arms to reach, and what you put in the two Pits next to the rotary switch for the automatic transmission to Opel, the knowledge of self people.

Vehicle registration certificate


Combo Life

High roof Kombi

Four-Cylinder Turbodiesel Direct Injection Engine

Eight-Speed Automatic


1.499 ccm

130 HP (96 kW)

300 Nm

From 0 to 100:
The 11.4 s

Maximum speed:
184 km/h

Consumption (ECE):
5.6 litres

CO2 emissions:
146 g/km

775 liters

1,581 stemming kg

4403 / 1921 / 1841

29.250 EUR

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