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You do not know what are the special features of the 911 Carrera 4, Carrera T or GTS ? Everything is explained in this video.

You’re struggling to find among the many available versions of the 911. Porsche makes you a summary in a video less than 5 minutes.

Twenty-three, it is the number of different versions of the 911 that are currently available in the catalog in Porsche. The Carrera “standard” up to the GT2 RS, passing by the many variants Carrera 4, Carrera S, GTS, Turbo, GT3 or Targa. And this, without counting the new Speedster, which will be marketed in 2019. We can then understand that the neophyte is sometimes a little difficult to find.


23 Porsche 911 available

But it is true that the client has the advantage of having a choice is very common. In fact, in the family, Carrera, each power level (” normal “, S, and GTS) is available as a coupe or cabriolet, but also with or without all-wheel drive. Only the Carrera T can only be chosen in coupe rear-wheel drive, while the Targa have four-wheel drive. Even the Turbo offers the choice between four variants, with the variations S, cabriolet and S cabriolet.

The price range is also very broad, and in the case of a 911 Carrera S with 420 hp, it is possible to pay between

114 575 €, for a coupe in manual transmission, and 138 755 €, for a convertible four-wheel-drive PDK. And they don’t have very many options…

Thus, in order to help those who are a little lost to find their way, Porsche has produced a video, which you can see below. The origin and the specificities of each version of the 911 are so detailed.

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