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A tour of the electronics trade show CES in Las Vegas feels like a trip back in time to the future of the automobile. LEVEL-ONLINE author Michael Specht has the ideas-fireworks of the industry.


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Thursday, 10.01.2019
04:37 PM

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The three letters CES stand for Consumer electronics Show. Year for year, the fair, thousands of technology-draws Fans from around the world to Las Vegas. Except for Laptops, Microchips, game consoles, and drones, but it is, increasingly, cars and many other things, what drives, flies or floats.

“This show stands for high-tech,” says mobility expert, Timo Möller, of the consulting firm McKinsey. “The car industry can recharge your brand image much better than on an ordinary car show.” In other words: It might also see things at the show that later prove to be not feasible or even glare.

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CES in Las Vegas:
A tour of the exhibition that opens the eyes

No wonder that car manufacturers flock to Las Vegas. In a downturn are, however, the tradition of trade fairs, such as in Detroit, where a few days later the gates open.

One reason for the Boom in Las Vegas is that cars have more and more digital capabilities, and manufacturers make use of the possibilities of artificial intelligence for vehicles. To be shown in Las Vegas futuristic Companion with exchangeable passenger cabins and Spa interiors that are Lounges, office, cinema, sleeping room.

This cockpit without steering Wheel, without pedals and without the so-called hard keys, so no real switch beyond the touch screen. The operation is done with delicate touch, Gestures, or language. Especially words seem to gain the upper hand, because there are no stereo types, commands must be spoken, but you can merrily chatter away.

Who returns from the CES, believed to be for a couple of days in the future. Or, to live Vice versa, when entering in the daily life somehow in the past – why, it shows our tour of the trade fair.

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