Volkswagen Golf 8 (2019) : first photos semi-official ?

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Here is the muzzle of the new Volkswagen Golf 8.

The new Volkswagen Golf will make its debut in 2019. But a prototype camouflaged, only on the sides, was surprised in China, and then shared on social networks local. Discovery.

The eighth generation of the Volkswagen Golf will make its debut in 2019. But the Dutch website AutoWeek has published pictures of the future Volkswagen Golf 8 in the GTI version. Surprisingly, it is disguised, as on its flanks. Photos from a chinese social network, the license plate of the Audi car parked right next to the Golf course 8 also shows that provenance.

Oddly the muzzle and the back of this Volkswagen Golf 8 chinese are fully visible. It makes you wonder if this “leak” has not been organized…


Lights in “L” The lights in the shape of an “L” to bring dynamism to the stern of the Golf 8.

Anyway, we discovered a style brand, a restrained development relative to the current Volkswagen Golf 7 launched in 2012, and then redesigned in 2017. A vehicle signed at the time by Marc Lichte, who is now the boss of the design Audi. His successor, Klaus Bischof, sought headlights thinned contours more carefully worked out and a more aggressive drawing for the front shield. In addition, at the rear, the lights in “L” are similar to those of SUV Volkswagen Tiguan and Volkswagen T-roc.

The profile camouflaged, still leaves a glimpse of a thick amount of custos, who is one of the physical characteristics of the Golf since its origin in 1974.

Moreover, on the view of the above, it would be almost possible to confuse this new Golf with the current as the aspect ratio of the compact sedan star of the market have been retained.

For memory, in the long history of the Volkswagen Golf, the breaks aesthetic, the most notable emerged with the Golf 3, Golf 4 and Golf 7. The other generations (2.5 and 6) have shown that a low stylistic evolution compared to the model replaced. The Golf 8 will be considered a sober evolution of the species. But it could be that the revolution happens on board. Patience…

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