Volkswagen I. D. Buzz Cargo : the new Combi-mode utility

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The Volkswagen I. D. Buzz Cargo will be commercialized in 2022.

Originally, in 1950, the Volkswagen Type 2, ” said Combi, was a utility. In 2022, an electric version will take over, it will be known as I. D. Buzz Cargo.

Volkswagen has unveiled at the brussels motor show in Hanover, LPN 2018, a version of “tôlée” of his van electrical I. D. Buzz. This last is a contemporary reinterpretation of the mythical Vw Combi.

Up to 550 km of autonomy The delivered two-color and soft shapes to fully participate in the effect the seduction of this utility.

Designed on the modular platform electric (SEM) of the Volkswagen group, the I. D. Buzz Cargo has batteries with a capacity between 48 and 111 kWh.

“The I. D. Buzz Cargo has batteries with a capacity of between 48 and 111 kWh“

Enough to allow an autonomy of 330 to 550 km, depending on the cycle of registration WLTP. The specific brand of solar panels located on the roof will increase the action radius of 15 km per day. An electric motor housed on the rear axle develops 204 hp and allows a top speed of 160 km/h.

A payload limited to 800 kg

Halfway between the Volkswagen T6 L1 (4,90 m) and L2 (5.30 m), I. D. Buzz Cargo is long and 5.05 m wide, 8 cm (1.98 m) and further down to 3 cm (1.96 m).

Despite this massive shape and size, it should be relatively easy from the city because of its four-wheel steering which reduces the turning radius to less than 10 meters.

On the other hand, the useful load of 800 kg is less than T6, which, depending on the version, receives shipments 875 1 466 kg. In addition, its useful height is also limited, because of the implantation of the battery pack in the floor. The I. D. Buzz Cargo, however, as trump her look deliciously retro, but will this be sufficient to seduce the artisans who instead try to very concrete standards ?

Either way, Volkswagen plans to market the horizon 2022, in parallel to the I. D. Buzz dedicated to families.


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