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The Volkswagen T-Cross is the entry-level SUV from the German manufacturer. It will arrive on the market mid-April 2019 at a base price of 19 200 €.

Volkswagen continues its offensive in the SUV segment. After the T-Roc, it is the turn of its little brother the T-Cross may soon make its entrance on stage. Waiting for the expected launch in April 2019, The argus offers you to make the tour of the owner.

The folly SUV will stop it one day ? In view of the recent launches (BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Toyota Rav4, Audi Q3…), the manufacturers don’t seem to want to slow down. This is particularly the case of Volkswagen, which presents his last-born, the T-Cross.

With a length 4,11 m (or 12 cm less than the T-Roc), the T-Cross will tackle, at least in France, the Citroën C3 Aircross, Peugeot 2008 and Renault Captur. It will also have to deal with the Seat Arona, Hyundai Kona, Kia Stonic… The battle promises to be harsh.

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A VW T-Cross look wise

For his T-Cross, Volkswagen retains its fundamental : a design rather wise and reassuring. This newcomer offers all the same all the attributes of the SUV with the contours of the fenders in plastic, a material that can also be found at the bottom of the door.

It is further to the rear as the T-Cross stands out, with a headband reflective placed between the lights. For reasons of cost it is not bright, but Volkswagen ensures that the effect will be similar when the following lights on.

The peculiarity of the Volkswagen T-Cross is located to the rear. He uses a headband reflective between the two optics.

Rather common in the years 80/90, the headbands are currently making their grand return (Porsche Cayenne, Peugeot 3008…), but it is a novelty in the range SUV from Volkswagen. – Level customization, it will be possible to opt for a black roof, wheels and mirror caps to color. Twelve body colours will be offered.

The catalogue will also be a version R-Line with a lower part of the shield-specific front mask headlights, and elements in body color at the base of the door.


An air Polo

The dashboard of the Volkswagen T-Cross is very close to that of the Polo. Good ergonomics and storage space spacious will be great.

During the trial run that we had done at the wheel of the T-Cross, we noted that the dashboard appeared to be very close to that of the Polo. This is indeed the case, apart from a few details : the form of the vents, edges of the touch screen, and storage at the top of the dashboard… on the steering wheel, it adopts a new design with controls, previously unpublished, while the shifter for the DSG gearbox is back-lit. Positive Point, touch screen 8-inch and digital meters will be of the party following the finish.

Volkswagen T-Cross Volkswagen T-Cross R-Line

Thanks to the range of settings, it is easy to find driving position. Compared to the Polo, with which the T-Cross shares its platform, this position is more vertical. Floor above, and cabin, also the most high-explains this phenomenon. The ergonomics did not call for any criticism, the controls are easy access and storage areas are sufficiently large and numerous. The glove box is just a bit, but the drawer placed under the passenger seat compensates.

The interior will benefit from the customization with a decoration in relief on the dashboard, seat upholstery bi-color, a proper steering wheel and a central console of a specific color.


A VW T-Cross welcoming

Two adults will not miss space to the rear of the Volkswagen T-Cross. We regret, however, the firmness of the seat.

Despite a stencil is compact, the T-Cross has the sense of hospitality. With a wheelbase identical to that of the Polo (2.56 m), the rear passengers have legroom. But this is not all because the headroom is generous, even for large templates, and there is room under the front seats in order to drag its feet.

Bench seat, remote maximum Seat all the way forward

As on many cars, the middle seat lack of comfort. Negative Point, however, theextreme firmness of the seat solid. In order to gain in modularity, in this last behind the scenes on an amplitude of 15 cm. In the category, only the Citroën C3 Aircross, Opel Crossland X and Renault Captur offer such equipment. However, we can regret that it is not adjustable from the cockpit.

Volkswagen T-Cross R-Line

This allows you to vary the volume of the trunk of 385 to 455 litres. Folder folded down, this figure reached 1 281 litres. Values in the medium-high segment. Last positive point, the back of the front seat passenger can fold from the level Lounge.


Price and range of the VW T-Cross

A version R-Line the Volkswagen T-Cross, as well as a series of launch First Edition will be launched. This last one should be sold around 26 000 €.

The Volkswagen T-Cross will be available for order end of February 2019 for first deliveries scheduled for mid-April. The base rate will start at 19 € 200 and a launch version of the First Edition will be charged around 26 000 €. The range will consist of four finishes : T-Cross, Lounge, Carat, and R-Line.

A complete list of facilities is not yet known, but the automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, the wizard continued in the way, the blind spot detection and the wizard of output parking will be standard on all versions.

Detector fatigue, adaptive, headlights-automatic, access and boot without the stick, or even charging a smartphone by induction will complete the offer. The combined instrumentation (digital Active Info Display) will be series from level-Carat so that the diameter of the rims will vary from 16 to 18 inches.

Engines of the VW T-Cross


Petrol Diesel 1.0 TSI 95 hp manual gb 5 speed 1.6 TDI 95 hp manual gb 5 speed/DSG7 1.0 TSI 115 ch BVM6/DSG7 – 1.5 TSI 150hp DSG7* –

(*) Available by the end of 2019


Balance of the VW T-Cross Volkswagen T-Cross R-Line

The Volkswagen T-Cross will arrive on the market with practical arguments : very good interior roominess, seat sliding, chest of good capacity and plenty of storage. The technological equipment will not be in rest (adaptive, charging of smartphone by induction, digital meters…) and the customization programs will appeal to a young audience. In addition, theoffering mechanics is coherent. However, it remains to know what it will be worth to use and if its rates will remain wise.


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