Volkswagen Tarok concept : a new “small” pick-up for Brazil

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The Volkswagen Tarok concept announcing a future pick-up long 5 meters in the range in Brazil.

Show-car very close to the serial version, the Volkswagen Tarok Concept clearly announces the arrival of a pick-up in the brazilian market. This will be the little brother of the Amarok.

Volkswagen has unveiled at the salon de Sao Paulo (Brazil) the concept-as Tarok. It is a pick-up along 5 m of which the serial version will be launched in the brazilian market. It is positioned in the range as the Volkswagen Amarok, the format of which is between 5.18 m and 5.90 m, depending on the type of cabin chosen.

This concept car is very close to the version that will be industrialized. Forget the arch wire at the level of the pyx, which gives the Volkswagen Tarok concept a side Targa and its light signature, incorporating the grille and the logo, and you’ll have under the eyes the Volkswagen Tarok serial.

A pick-up flexible. The Tarok concept has five seats.

The Volkswagen Tarok offers a layout with original interior. The rear seats are three seats fold down independently. This system is reminiscent of the “Vario Flex” of the compact SUV Skoda Karoq. Most of the pick-up just a single seat more basic, the Volkswagen Tarok is a solution offering more flexibility reconciling professional and family. This allows to vary the loading length of 1.21 m, when the three rear seats are in place, to 1.86 m when they are folded in the portfolio at the back of the front seats, and reaching 2,78 m, when the dropside is open. The maximum load supported is a ton.

He rolls to the ethanol in The VW Tarok has an all-wheel drive and its engine 1.4 TSI petrol is compatible with the ethanol E100

The Volkswagen Tarok has a awd and a automatic transmission with six reports, and will be hosted by the engines 1.4 TSI and 2.0 TDI, each developing 150 hp. On the brazilian market, the petrol engine (1.4 TSI) can supply ethanol (E100) or with a mixture gasoline/ethanol (E22).



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