Volkswagen Tiguan off-road : built for adventure

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The Volkswagen Tiguan Offroad is better armed to face the stony paths, with its angle of attack and improved her protection plate under the engine.

Volkswagen presents a new variant Offroad of its Tiguan, which is seen subtly restyled and optimized for all-terrain. This Tiguan Offroad should be available soon to order on our market.

Although it can benefit from the all-wheel drive on some versions, the Tiguan is not necessarily the first SUV you think if you want to make the off-piste. Volkswagen, however, has decided toaccentuate the hand the adventurer of his best-selling book and offers him a new version, called Offroad. This was also the case on the first generation of the Tiguan with the finish Track&Field.

On this last, the look of the SUV is seen subtly optimized and we note the shield-specific front, with the guidance silver of vents in its lower part, the protections also in matt silver finish on the side skirts and the rear apron, or even the hulls of mirrors and the roof black. The rims Sebring black 18-inch complement this range, while a badge “Offroad” appears on the center post.


Capacity all-terrain improved

But the features of the Tiguan has also been optimized, so that it is better armed in all-terrain. Thus, the angle of attack has been increased thanks to the new front shield, while a protection plate was added under the whole engine/box. The all-wheel drive 4Motion will however remain identical to those available on other versions, with always several driving modes, including Offroad and Snow.

Inside, the Tiguan Offroad stands out by its central armrest, covered in fabric ” Austin “, its sky roof black, the gear lever leather-covered or even its crankset alu. The engines available on this version are not yet specified for France, even if the 2.0 TDI of 150 hp associated with the box DSG7 should be the heart of the offer.


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