Volkswagen’s exhaust manipulation in the United States

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It is a Disaster for Volkswagen: The group has admitted that in the USA, the exhaust-gas measurement in the case of its diesel cars, has been falsified. The company’s CEO, Winterkorn announced an external investigation.

The VW group has given a massive exhaust manipulation of their diesel models in the United States. The U.S. environmental protection Agency, EPA, was charged on Friday with the allegations. A company spokesman said: “We have granted to the authority. The facts of the case. We are actively working with the authority.”

Volkswagen boss Martin Winterkorn announced a comprehensive investigation of the exhaust gas scandal. “Personally, I deeply regret that we have disappointed the trust of our customers and the Public,” said Winterkorn in Wolfsburg, Germany. “The events have for us on the Board and for me personally is of the highest priority.”

VW have given an external examination in order. “It is clear that Volkswagen does not tolerate any rule – or law violations of any kind,” said Winterkorn. Volkswagen will do everything to regain confidence. “We work together with the competent authorities, open and comprehensive to clarify the facts of the case quickly and transparently in full”, – said the head of the group.

Software recognized Tests and responded

The Epa suspected of VW, in the case of a large number of diesel exhaust gas of vehicles have rules intentionally bypassed. In other words, almost half a Million cars. For the group, this could drag on according to the authority a penalty of up to $ 18 billion.

“Simply put, these cars had a program that turns off the emission limit during normal Driving, and in exhaust gas tests on,” said EPA representative Cynthia Giles. According to the Epa, a “highly developed Software” of the Volkswagen detect whether cars would be subjected to official Tests or during normal operation on the road. The Epa calls them “Defeat Device”, as a disconnection device.

Tests in Europe are being manipulated?

Auto expert Stefan Bratzel is horrified as other professionals. “This is a disservice to the whole German diesel technology,” he says. As a result, the Image of diesel cars would be damaged – in the US anyway, in a niche – it’s hard. Even BMW and Daimler are affected indirectly. “We have been trying for years to establish the diesel technology in the United States – and now,” says the Professor of the University of applied Sciences in Bergisch Gladbach.

The Greens want to know if such manipulations were to be held in Germany. “The education we claim with emphasis in the Bundestag and also look into whether the German authorities have responded to these illegal activities by actively looking the other way,” said the Chairman of the environment Committee, Bärbel Höhn. “With such a comprehensive software cheating the should be actually happened with the Knowledge of management in Wolfsburg. Everything else would surprise me.” It should be also clarified, whether there are similar cases with other manufacturers.

The chief of the competitors of Daimler, Dieter Zetsche, said he will assume that his company had complied with the laws, “both the letter and the spirit”. He regretted, of course, what Volkswagen in the United States is currently experiencing, said the Daimler chief. “I have a rough idea of what it is and that this doesn’t apply to us, not transferable.” However, it is much too early to make a final statement.

Car expert Ferdinand Dudenhöffer urged to investigate now emission tests in Europe. “Surely the EU must now pursue-the Commission and the Federal Ministry of transport the things, and clarify the extent to which this Software was also used in Europe and Germany and incorrect exhaust values leads us to believe,” said Dudenhöffer the Newspapers of the “Berliner Morgenpost”.

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