Volkswagen’s greatest hope since the Gulf

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Volkswagen has the new ID, so high expectations as to the Golf. The car is supposed to lead the group into the electric era. Holds the model, what is the promise of the constructors of him?



From Cape town Tom Grünweg reported

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Sunday, 16.12.2018
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If VW development chief Frank Welsch bends with the prototype of the ID around the corner, rushes the car like a space ship. The sound was composed especially for this model. It sounds much more futuristic than the obligatory warning sound of other electric cars.

No wonder, because this is the first car from VW before driving, which was developed from the outset for electric mobility. Previously, the group had the rather poorly converted to E-versions of Up and Golf at the Start.

Now the ID for the Volkswagen needs to bring the turning point, the definitive dawn of the electric era. A battery-powered vehicle for everyone; affordable, practical and simple – the compact car for the company, something like a new Golf. The is the best-selling car brand and for decades the number one in Germany.

Photo gallery

Volkswagen ID:
First test-drive in South Africa

Disguised with a black-and-white adhesive foil to get the car in South Africa for his last cut. By the end of next year, production begins in Zwickau, and in the spring of 2020, the ID of the currently conducted under the code name Neo – in the trade.

VW is late: Kia already has the E-Niro, Hyundai let the Ioniq, Opel the Ampera-e. The developers at Volkswagen, over the shoulder view, and share even the space behind the steering Wheel – also, because the group is doing to the exhaust gas scandal everything for a clean Image.

“As much as a well-equipped Golf Diesel”

“We target the same customers, and you want to convince with the same properties,” says Welsch with views of the Golf clientele and thus the price of the framework: “as much as a well-equipped Golf Diesel” will cost the ID. Who translated the “just under 30,000 euros”, Welsch is no contradiction.

Like the Golf, the ID offers no spectacular, but in the positive sense of the everyday, of the ordinary driving experience. He accelerated at the traffic lights quickly, driving fast on the highway, and Overtaking is not a test of courage.

But Welsch is different than Tesla chief Elon Musk is not about to Rob the customers during the sprint to the breath or to promise ludicrous top speeds. This fight should fight out the group’s brands such as Audi or Porsche. The VW development boss wants to take the fear of the empty battery and the switch as easy as possible for you to make.

A kind of electric GTI to follow

Even if the Forward-mounted Reverse switch, like in the BMW i3 now in addition to the speedometer, it is not necessary to change the tax. Get in, start, drive off, the work in the ID like in the Gulf. And that the Stromer is limited with regard to the range of somewhere between 160 and 180 kilometers per hour, is expected to disrupt in ID, hardly anyone – especially Welsch now with an electric counterpart to the GTI toying, “because in the field of electric mobility, the emotions are not too short may come”.

Photo gallery

Auto show in Guangzhou:
With these models, China is

For the first, it will give the ID only with one engine variant with the 150 kW, but three battery packs. Even the smallest battery will come in a range of 330 kilometers (WLTP-measurement method), for the largest VW provides 550 kilometers.

The Cockpit of the ID sets new standards

The ID feels very different than the Golf, has only to do indirectly with the drive. The first problem is the platform, which is only with the farewell to the burners. With the battery pack in the floor and the small electric Motor on the rear axle, the wheelbase is stretched to about ten inches. The ID provides for a similar length of 4.25 meters, especially on the back of the bench noticeably more space than its conventional Cousin – also, because of the Central tunnel in the footwell of the superfluous.

Photo gallery

Electric mobility:
Waiting on the miracle battery

On the other hand, the display of power and control concept of the difference. While the hatchback seems, at least under the camouflage usually, a is the Cockpit of the ID, two generations. Who airs in the test drive short, the Tarnmatten the steering Wheel, only a small digital instrument cluster and a large touch screen with colorful graphics.

The turn arrows in the Head-Up-Display show on the streets

There is a Head-Up Display, the projected images in the front window, but his View for the first time in the real environment to adapt. The graphics seem to be further away, and the navigation arrows do not point only to the left or to the right, but, in fact, show in the road which we must take.

Except for the window regulators, all switches are replaced by sensor fields. A new lighting concept aims to facilitate the communication between man and machine. A bar is under the front windshield with running lights moved to the front of the Turn direction, inbound calls, or when Charging information about the battery level.

What makes the ID for Welsch’s so important, but it is not alone his role as the first dedicated electric car. With the ID VW also introduces the electric modular MEB, from which all the future electric cars of the brand and most of the group subsidiaries. By 2022, the 27 cars.

Numerous other models with the electric modular system planned

The kit is in the wheelbase, flexible, and gets a battery, whose shape compares Welsch with a bar of chocolate. You can cell range to cell range expand and bring it to a capacity of more than 100 kWh. In addition, the modular construction allows one Motor per axle all-wheel drive.

Alone in the next three years VW will build with this concept five cars. The Neo is a Crossover in the Format of the Tiguan will follow in 2020, before it will give the E-Bulli ID Buzz and a sedan as a successor to the Phaeton. “If we want to make up to 2025 in fact, between 15 and 20 per cent of our sales with electric cars, we need to provide quickly the appropriate selection,” says Welsch.

So significant is the electrical architecture is so much work to the developers, says series chief Frank Bekemeier. In the MEB, the engineers would have to develop all new: “With the Golf, we have only a few hinges and the door handles have in common.” Comparable to the claim, however, is: The ID is also to be a best-seller.

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