Volvo 360c Concept : the car that wants to compete in the airplane !

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The concept Volvo 360c is electric and fully autonomous.

The concept Volvo 360c represents the vision of tomorrow’s mobility according to the Swedish manufacturer. Fully autonomous, it can act as a mobile office, entertainment space or berth. Volvo sees it as a good alternative to short-haul flights.

With its new concept 360c, Volvo is looking to compete with aviation. Not that its prototype to be able to fly, but because the manufacturer is convinced that it would allow passengers to save time compared to a short-haul.

“The flights of short distance (about 300 km away, editor’s NOTE) are more time-consuming by air than by road if you take into account the ride to the airport, the passage of points of control and waiting times “, explains the manufacturer in its press release.


A car to work or sleep

To come and rub it to the air force, Volvo has developed a prototype electric and fully autonomous (level 5, the highest). Aboard, the steering wheel and pedals have gone. Everything has been done to think about the well-being of passengers. The concept 360c offers four variations : entertaining space, living room, mobile office and bunk. In this last configuration, the engineers have developed a safety cover. Integrated to the bed, it works like a safety belt in three points and adjusts to the person.

“The concept 360c can transform into a mobile office, lounge, or in berth“

Who says autonomous car, says futuristic style. But, with this concept, Volvo has primarily sought to develop a system innovative, based on sound and light signalsto indicate their intentions to pedestrians and other road users. Because Volvo is well aware that

“the introduction of the autonomous car won’t happen overnight.”

Anyway, the concept 360c should not be on our roads soon. As stated by the brand : “It embodies our vision of tomorrow’s mobility and appears as a point of departure for a broad debate on the potential of the technology of autonomous control “.


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