Vote for the sportswoman of the year 2019 !

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Participate in the election of the sports Argus 2019. This year, there are fourteen hopefuls to succeed to the Alpine A110, which had won the Trophy the past year. Make your choice !

Trophies the Argus designate each year the best cars in their category. To elect the best sports, The argus gives you the word. In three clicks, select your favorite template out of fourteen cars, all just as desirable as each other.

Sign of the times, this year, three SUV sports join the clan of the traditional sport (see animation below). You can choose the one that will succeed the Alpine A110, winner of the past year.


How to vote for my favorite sports ?

It is very simple : the link below gives you access to the platform of voting to choose your sport. The result of the Trophy Sportswoman of the year by the users of The argus will be revealed on December 11, 2018. It’s up to you !

>>> I VOTE HERE <<<


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