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Volkswagen is investing billions in electric cars, but the top managers of the group reject the vehicles so far. Group chief Herbert Diess wants to change that.

Volkswagen prescribed to his managers in future electric cars as a service. For chief Executive, Herbert Diess, the car company wants to have control for the VW brand change, such as “Welt am Sonntag” reported.

Currently, the share of electric cars and hybrid models, according to the report in the company’s fleet of Volkswagen cars in the parts per thousand range. But already in the coming year, one out of every ten to be of the 20,000 service cars of the brand VW in Germany, a car with electric drive.

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From 2020 onwards, Volkswagen presents numerous new electric car models on the way – also, in order to comply with the CO2 limits in the EU. Starting in 2021, the model, the manufacturer may launch in the EU on average only 95 grams of CO2 per Kilometer. The VW group will reach in 2018, according to the consulting firm PA Consulting about 116 grams of CO2. For electric cars, the manufacturer may apply zero grams.

This want Manager as the “Ambassador of the E-mobility”

Diess have criticised managers in Wolfsburg, it should not be to put customers in the purchase of more fuel efficient, cleaner cars and to drive even heavy, high-horsepower off-road vehicles, wrote the newspaper.

The new official car-a rule would make to the ambassadors VW-Manager “E-mobility,” said Volkswagen Board member for human resources Gunnar Kilian. The managers should take account of the fascination of this technology in the society. The middle or the end of 2019, the revised rules should enter into force.


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