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In the discussion about diesel driving bans in German cities led to “too emotional,” says VW boss Herbert Diess. You can’t speak against Hardware-upgrade – will cost, but only to 80 percent.

In the dispute about possible diesel driving bans due to dirty air in German cities VW group chief Herbert Diess has criticised an emotional discussion. “We see there’s already a responsibility for us, especially in the case of Volkswagen,” he said on Thursday in the ZDF program “Maybrit Illner”. “However, I think the discussion we have now, for to be emotional.”

At the same time Diess stressed that Volkswagen say against the Hardware upgrade. If there is a corresponding compliant solutions, will VW participate in it – “if’s because the customer wants”. However, VW says the cost is still only 80 percent. In addition, the affected diesel vehicles are the Software Updates to “100 percent compliant with the law”.

“VW does not resist, Hardware upgrade”
VW management Board Chairman Herbert Diess in “maybrit illner”

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— maybrit illner (@maybrit illner) 25. October 2018

Chancellery Minister Helge Braun (CDU), was also a guest of the Illner talk round and said: “There is the clear expectation that the Diesel will not be asked to pay.” The corporations would have to deal with the car owner and also the local authorities would have a glance at the intelligent traffic control is a task.

[email protected] : do We really want the corporations to take care of the private passenger Car owner to whom you have sold a car. #Diesel gate #bans #LtwHe2018 #VW #illner

— maybrit illner (@maybrit illner) 25. October 2018

In many places In Germany the limit value for nitrogen dioxide is exceeded. It can irritate respiratory tract and eyes, lung function, interfere with or lead to cardiovascular disease. Courts have, therefore, for example, Stuttgart, Hamburg and Berlin for a short distance by driving bans for older Diesel for 2019 arranged.

Diesel-fight as a Hessian election issue

On Thursday, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Hesse Minister-President Volker Bouffier (both of the CDU), exerted more pressure on the auto industry. “It is so incredibly annoying, that the German automotive industry has missed a lot of trust, because this is such an important branch of the economy,” Merkel said at an election campaign event in Fulda. “And that is why the automotive industry needs to draw the Lessons from it.” The companies would have to make up for the damage they had done, again.

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In the state of Hesse is elected on Sunday. Prime Minister Bouffier criticized in Fulda, how different about Volkswagen deal with the damage limitation: It is not acceptable that in America, billions were paid, “so as none of the VW’s in jail. And here in Germany, trying to get out of here.” He hope that VW will consider its Position in Germany. “I don’t want the Diesel driver is the Stupid one.”


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