VW driver back for the first time, the full purchase price

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Before the district court of Augsburg, a diesel driver won against Volkswagen. The group needs to take back its rigged Diesel – and for the first time, the full purchase price.

29.907,66 Euro gets a diesel driver at the return of his rigged VW Golf TDI Volkswagen – exactly the amount he has paid six years ago, plus interest. The district court of Augsburg ruled in a judgment. The judge went on immoral behavior from the manufacturer, because the group wanted to achieve with the deception of the customer by the manipulated emission limits sales and profits.

So far, the courts that decided in the sense of the plaintiffs had withdrawn, becoming a so-called use balance of the purchase price. This sum depends on the number of kilometers driven. Volkswagen may appeal against the judgment, however, appeal.

A few weeks ago, Porsche was first to have been committed by a court to the withdrawal of a rigged diesel cars. The applicant will now receive from Porsche 59.000 Euro and interest; this amount corresponds to the purchase price, minus the use of compensation for the use of the car.


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