VW is reporting “abnormalities” at a new exhaust software

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In the case of VW new irregularities are noticed, of all things, in the Software Update for diesel engines. The force travel Federal office is on.

In the case of VW, the new exhaust have been registered with internal controls in Software, for diesel vehicles “abnormalities”. Then you have to be informed “immediately” of the force travel Federal office (KBA), said Volkswagen. First, the “Bild am Sonntag had reported” on the suspicion of a new “cheat Software”.

According to VW, it is diesel vehicles with 1.2-Liter motors of the type EA 189. The software update will not for the time being, to other cars of the type, said a company spokesman. “At the beginning of January dates have been agreed to the further examination and analysis to advance together with high-pressure”, according to VW.

From the Federal Ministry of transport, it was said, the Problem with the software update is known. The process will be examined by the KBA.

The car maker VW had stood in August of 2015, compared to US authorities to have millions of diesel engines, the exhaust gas purification manipulated. The government and the car industry rely on software updates as a key Instrument to reduce emissions.

VW had just announced that the group had to spend in this year of 5.5 billion euros for the consequences of the diesel scandal.


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