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Volkswagen launches the controversial conversion for diesel cars in November. Who gives his car payment, gets an average of 4000 to 5000 Euro discount on a new car. But question marks remain.

Volkswagen wants to more than a Million Diesel-owners of 1. November to exchange premiums to offer. This offer is addressed to owners of Euro-1 to Euro 5 diesel vehicles in 14 cities with heavily polluted air, shared with Volkswagen on Thursday. People from adjoining counties, as well as commuters should be able to use the premium also. Details for individual models will publish the group’s brands reported to be expected in the next week.

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High Exhaust Pollution:
In these cities, the Diesel will apply discounts

Earlier it became known that the planned premiums should average about 4000 Euro for Diesel, the emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 4 – and 5000 Euro for Euro-5 Diesel. The exchange premiums should be depending on the selected model. In the case of other manufacturers, the premiums are already available, so there is, for example, at Renault, up to 10,000 Euro.

Premium is often charged with previous discounts

In the recently unveiled diesel concept of the Federal government Hardware retrofits for Euro-5 Diesel in addition to exchange actions as a way to improve the air in cities with high pollution levels. Really customers of such discounts are set to benefit, however, only conditionally, because in September new car buyers on the Internet received an average of 5100 Euro discount on the list price of most new cars sold. “Presumably, it will then offset the today’s discounts to be a part of,” said car Professor Ferdinand Dudenhöffer of the University of Duisburg-Essen.

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Emission standard Euro 6d-temp:
The favorite cars of the Germans – not all of it is available as a clean Diesel

The group shared how the efforts of the Federal government’s announced support, to avoid possible driving bans in German cities. With the first conversion premium to be able to get 210,000 old diesel vehicles from the roads, to scrap and to replace them with new models.


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