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The Google-sister Waymo in Arizona is now a Service, with Autonomous Taxis and competes with the ride service provider Uber to the the price is.

Google’s sister company, Waymo has officially launched their Robotaxi service in the U.S. city of Phoenix. He was, however, initially, only “hundreds” inhabitants, who had tested the Service in the last few months for free. The commercial offer “Waymo One” should cost money, to be made to the Tariffs of the company.

The cars are ordered via the App, similar to other driving services. Initially, a safety driver sitting at the controls and, if necessary, to take control. Waymo tests in the Region, but also robot cars without a human at the controls.

Prices at the level of Uber

The Robotaxis converted white Minivans of model, the Chrysler Pacifica will operate on a surface area of around 260 square kilometres, as Waymo-product Manager Dan Chu said the technology blog “The Verge”. Waymo the absence of information, how quickly more users and more areas of the city are to be added in the state of Arizona. A Reporter from “The Verge” paid for about three miles (nearly 5 km) long journey a good seven dollars – the price would be about the same level of driving services such as Uber and Lyft.

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Self-Driving Cars:
No Hands!

Waymo was born out of the robot car project of Google, which since 2009 self-driving cars on the road. The company is considered to be particularly far in the technology of car manufacturers, suppliers, Start-ups and Tech heavyweights such as Apple work. So Waymos Autonomous vehicles in the adjacent U.S. are allowed to drive state of California without a safety driver up to 105 km/h.


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