What are the E-cars you can really buy?

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The manufacturers at the Geneva auto-salon-green – and present a lot of electric vehicles. But ripe not really for everyday use? A tour of the fair with an expert.


Micro Lino

By Michael Specht

Friday, 09.03.2018
At 17:37

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High demand and long delivery times – the fans sounds for the car still in the luxury class. According to models such as the new four-door of AMG or new special model of the Porsche 911. Long customers have to wait but somewhere else entirely: namely, the purchase of an electric car. The manufacturer is not able to keep up with the production.

The demand is there, the cars are missing so far. But the car manufacturers have recognized the signs of the time? This question is intended to clarify a tour through the exhibition halls at this year’s Geneva auto salon. With Dr. Klaus Schmitz, Automotive consultant and Partner of the prestigious consulting firm Arthur D. Little.

A good Portion of the future, there is the case of the Volkswagen, four electrical studies turn in the spotlight. “This is a significant announcement in the direction of the electric mobility,” says Schmitz. Just: can’t Buy the cars for the first time. Although the studies are specific Commitments, in the case of VW, but not until the end of next year.

The youngest member of the I. D. of the family of Volkswagen, the Vizzion, a nearly five-Meter-long electric sedan. You should notice will be the new flagship of the brand – starting in 2022. Three years later, the Plan is to group more than 15 E-cars on the newly constructed MDBs architecture. “Providers such as VW don’t need to think at high volumes, otherwise the bill goes on,” says Schmitz, “others may come up with much lower numbers.”

Strong competition from South Korea

In the case of Hyundai, one of the largest competitors of Volkswagen, it seems the bill today. The Koreans offer the Kona with E-Motor, Schmitz considers this a clever move: “Here, electric drive, compact dimensions, attractive Design, and the trendy City-SUV-concept optimal. Something need the portfolio of the manufacturer.”

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Schmitz sees the Korean manufacturer in the favorites role, at least in the electric drive: “Hyundai and Kia also think in large numbers, with the advantage to be in terms of battery technology is fixed very close to a large cell-to-competence.” After all, with Samsung and LG Chem have two battery giants have their headquarters in South Korea.

However, in the case of vehicles with fuel cell drive, the Koreans are part of the mix, Hyundai sold starting in the summer with the Nexo already the second Generation of its hydrogen cars. In addition to the Koreans also Toyota currently offers a model with a fuel cell, starting in the autumn then Mercedes. However, the fuel cell is not for Schmitz at the Moment the ideal solution: “Here we see difficulties in the infrastructure. Perfect it was, you would produce hydrogen on a renewable and natural gas through Pipelines.”

Tesla stays at home

In spite of the many alternatives drives a major competitor is missing at the fair: Tesla. Present the Californians still have latte as a measurement. According to Schmitz’ opinion, Elon Musks company has given a “good start”. “For the industry, Tesla is more of a blessing than a curse, if even now a very serious competitor.” A, the German manufacturers have gone so far out of the way.

As the first of the established manufacturers Jaguar is now on the rise against the newcomer in the Ring: The British present, to the Surprise of many observers, a ready-to-sell-electric-Crossover. The I-Pace will cost about 80,000 euros, when he comes in the summer on the market and thus the first real Tesla opponents from Europe.

German E-cars have to wait

The German Challenger to run until then, still warm, as the first of the Audi e-tron will be available at the dealers, probably on the same price level. The Ingolstadt-based company have brought the all-wheel drive Crossover, while still dressed up to the fair, but also buy from the second half of the year. 2019 Mercedes with ECQ and EQA, in 2020, then BMW with the i4, it follows from the German point of view.

In a Dilemma of Porsche’s. As in the case of Audi, there is a lack of a unified architecture for future E-models. The mean PPE (Premium platform electrical system) and from two manufacturers jointly developed. Until then, the E-models on solitaire brought-platforms, also of the Mission E Cross Turismo, the Porsche with you to Geneva. Officially, the mixture of Outdoor wagon, SUV, and sports car is valid as a study, but is intended to correspond to 80 percent of the series. For Schmitz, it is only logical that the Zuffenhausen-based company is the first Mission E fast a second model to follow: “Porsche needs to bring credible, as it transferred its sports and racing car Image in the future. In terms of acceleration, electric cars are unbeatable, almost addictive.”

It is precisely this potential for addiction would like to raise LYCHI. The brand comes from China, the country is now the number one, which relates to the number of new registrations for E-cars. Her Name translated means as much as “fast green car”. And that is exactly what the offers presented Venere sedan “”: she measures over five meters, and with its four engines to almost 1000 HP, the price should be around 250,000 euros. For Schmitz the wrong approach: “The breakthrough of the Chinese does not come from the exotics with astronomical benefits. It needs masses and urban solutions.”

A new Challenger comes from Switzerland

As a solution, a company from Switzerland, has calculated the Council of Europe: micro Lino wants to sell for around 13,000 euros a cuddly Stromer, is likely to remind many of the older citizens in the BMW Isetta from the 50s. This concept Schmitz is not convinced, however: “vintage may be a attractive and emotional, have shown the Mini and Fiat with the 500, but cheap is not running. From the customer’s point of view, the electric car may be a waiver of the car, not to mention safety aspects. Since, for example, a Smart EQ for many is the much better vehicle, even if it costs a little more.”

This position will share, especially the German manufacturers, some of which are also Client of Schmitz. In the case of Mercedes, BMW, Audi and also Volkswagen E-mobility has a strong penchant for luxurious expression. On the one hand understandable – after all, with the so-positioned vehicles, the larger margin. At the same time, the success of the electric truck street scooter, which was developed by the RWTH Aachen University and already a best seller is that there is quite a market for purpose-oriented E-Mobile shows.

And, keyword micro Lino: In crowded big cities-cross in the Parking space circles, and then through the front door directly on the sidewalk to get off – this is a contemporary Interpretation of luxury.

The Smart customer need to do without a car. Anyone who buys an electric Smart, get it before Christmas, all-electric, the brand will be in 2020. The micro Lino it should, however, like the Jaguar I-Pace is already available to buy starting in the summer. Who wants to buy an electric car, therefore, needs to continue to be patient – especially in the case of the German manufacturers.

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