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To quickly and flashed been driven? How expensive the penalty is likely to, threaten points or even a driving ban? With fine computer of MIRROR ONLINE is to know what they could be facing.

You may violate the road traffic regulations and the fear of a penalty? In our fine computer, you can choose the Offense and advance to find out what consequences you threaten.

Fines: you need to know

Since 1958, the road users who violate the rules of the road coarse land, in the traffic Central register of the force travel Federal office in Flensburg. In the course of a Reform of the collection is from 1. May 2014 fitness to drive, register and, in parallel, a new catalog of fines in force.

The most important questions about the reorganization of SPIEGEL ONLINE answered:

  • What are the changes to the points system?

From 1. In may 2014, a new points system in Flensburg. Violations will be punished in the future only with 1 to 3 points instead of 1 to 7 points. However, the license in the future, already at 8 points instead of 18 points. The existing points are to date 1. May, as follows: 1 to 3 “old” points correspond to the future 1 point in the new System, 4 or 5 points points will be converted to 2 points, 6 or 7-to-3 points 8 to 10 points to 4 points, the equivalent of 11 to 13 points, 5 points, by 14 or 15 points to 6 points, and by 16 or 17 points to 7 points in the new System.

  • What is listed in the Central register of traffic?

As a traffic participants, you will receive an entry in the new fitness to drive, register in Flensburg, once you have committed either a misdemeanor, which, according to the traffic law in the Bußgeldkatlog under the new regime from 1. In may 2014, will be punished with a fine of 60 euros (currently 40 Euro) or more. In this case, will automatically be entered one or several points. Points collected as well as who committed a Crime in connection with the driving of a motor Vehicle, and thus the traffic safety is directly endangered. For this purpose, the Drive include, for example, without a licence, drunk driving, or hit-and-run.

  • What is after the Reform of 1. May 2014 not registered?

Accordingly, the simplification of the points system in the future, saved only traffic violations in the new fitness to drive, register, which can be classified as dangerous. Administrative offences such as the illegal Driving of an environmental zone, the future is no entry any more. Offences, such as insult in the road will no longer be recorded in the Register.

Thus, no longer requiring registration violations are not perceived as a trivial offence, were increased corresponding fines drastically. The unauthorized Driving of an environmental zone such costs in the future, 80 euros, the Disregard of pedestrian-franchise of a Zebra strip 120 euros (although in both cases, no points will be listed).

  • What is the meaning of the innovation for existing entries in the registry?

Existing violations, which would not be registered under the new law, are to 1. May 2014 will be automatically deleted. An example: Currently an account has 10 points, 5 of them due to insult in road transport have been issued. Because of this event, registration is not according to the new rules, able to delete these points and the account shrinks to 5 points. This will be converted to the new System and that probably amounts to 2 points. Due to this adoption, according to an estimate of the car clubs “Mobil in Deutschland” of the currently around 9 million registered transport about 1 Million sinners disappear from the index.

  • How many points for traffic violations?

Currently the odds for the procedure, depending on the Severity 1 to 4 points, and for criminal offences from 5 to 7 points listed. With the new rules, three gradations apply in the future: A point is there for misdemeanors, and 2 points for gross misdemeanors with a rule driving ban, as well as for criminal offenses without withdrawal of the driving licence. A criminal Offence with deprivation of a driving licence, is punished with the entry of 3 points.

  • How do I find out my points balance?

Every motorist has the right to free information about his points in the fitness to drive the register. However, certain formalities must be observed. The application may not be made in writing only by Mail, but by Fax. Also information by telephone is not possible. The query form on the Homepage of the German Federal motor transport authority (KBA). The identity card must be sent in copy or on-the-spot. Who has a new passport with a data chip that can query the account balance online.

  • How to change the Repayment schedule?

Currently, misdemeanors 2 years, offenses 5 years and crimes with a driving licence withdrawal for at least 10 years of registered. New traffic violations can lead to the renewal of registration period of up to 5 years. The new scheme provides rigid repayment periods will be extended by new entries. Offenses with a point to remain in the future 2.5 years registered. Administrative offences or criminal offences will remain in the have been assigned with 2 points each 5 years and the offences with 3 points in 10 years in the registry.

  • A reduction of points is possible?

The possibility, points to reduce the remains to the new law are: At a level of 1 to 5 points can be reduced through the voluntary participation of about 400 € expensive fitness to drive seminar 1 point. Anyone who has not yet completed according to the old law, a seminar or a traffic psychological training is voluntary, the discount is taken into account in the conversion of the old points. Points by a voluntary seminar participation, however, can only be mined once within five years.

  • What changes with the new catalog of fines?

The current system of Fines is one of the most complex areas of road traffic law. The new catalog of fines should be easier, fairer and more transparent and to increase traffic safety. The registration limit for offences which attract an entry into the Register, and therefore points, is raised from 40 euros to 60 euros.

  • What violations are the points of reform is more expensive?

To be able to, if possible, all violations of the traffic safety greatly, now and in the future fitness to drive, register, and be raised the appropriate fines to a minimum of 60 Euro. For example, when Telephoning with the mobile phone at the wheel, the breach of the obligation to use winter tyres or the disregard of parental duty in the future with 60, instead of 40 EUR has to be paid. When you Miss the right-of-way, Driving without a license or a failure of the main investigation of more than 8 months must be paid instead of 50 then 70 Euro fine.

  • Fines for excessive speed.

Speed limits in urban areas up to 20 km/h up to a maximum of 35 euros, as of 21 km/h Exceeding 80 Euro fine and a point will be due. As of 31 km/h on the speedometer, the fine rises to 160 euros, it will be entered 2 points, and the driver receives a ban for a month driving.

The speed limit extra urban areas up to 20 km/h cost 30 Euro, 21km/h, the fine increases to 70 Euro and it is listed in 1 point and from 41 km/h to a lot of 160 euros will be payable two points registered, and the driver receives a ban for a month driving.

  • Fines for red light violations

Who drives a red light on a traffic light, you pay 90 Euro and get 1 point. The traffic light is at the Crossing longer than a second to red, it costs 200 Euro, 2 points will be registered and the driver receives a ban for a month driving.

  • Fines for alcohol or drugs

Driving in a state of intoxication is really expensive. Who is with 0.5 per Mille or more behind a steering Wheel, or under the influence of drugs, drives a car, must reckon with a fine of 500 euros and the registration of 2 points, to a one-month driving ban. In case of repetition, in both cases, the penalty increases to 1000 Euro, 2 points and three months driving ban.

  • How and when can you appeal?

Within two weeks of delivery may be lodged against a penalty charge notice or a penalty order appeal of the decision. This deadline is not respected, it is the decision legally binding. An opposition has been filed, there will be a court case – unless the authority of the objection or the Accused withdraws the appeal before it.

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