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For the first time, Volkswagen have to report to a driver of a vehicle for the full purchase price of the manipulated Diesel. The district court of Augsburg ruled. The ruling could also have other VW driver follow.

What the court decided?

The district court of Augsburg ruled that Volkswagen is a car buyer must refund the full purchase price in the amount of 29.907,66 Euro for his rigged Diesel – exactly the amount the owner had paid six years ago for the VW Golf TDI. In addition, VW will have to pay the owner of the interest.

What is the current judgment of the previous Judge?

For the first time a car manufacturer was ordered to refund the entire purchase price. While other successful applicants, the purchase price was refunded with interest, however, less of a so-called use compensation, so a certain sum, the results from the use of the car. This depends on the number of kilometres driven and can quickly be up to several Thousand euros.

Why does VW make a refund in this case, the full purchase price?

The court under judge Rudolf Weigell held a such use of compensation is not appropriate. The judge reasoned that in the present case, an unconscionable conduct by VW, because the car manufacturers have used a Software that had led to the Manipulation of the exhaust-gas values. VW have followed the deception of the customer, the goal is to achieve sales and profit and was therefore obliged to damage compensation.

What is the meaning of the verdict for other VW customers?

The ruling has no direct impact on other processes, or the prospects of other plaintiffs, because the courts always decide the particular case. Thus, the plaintiffs have received in similar cases, also in the case of a success, so far, only the purchase price, minus the use of compensation.

VW will accept the verdict?

No, Volkswagen stated that they believe the ruling is flawed and will appeal. In addition, there is for the complaints of the customer from the point of view of Volkswagen is no legal basis. “The customers have suffered neither losses nor damage,” said a spokesman for the group. “The vehicles are safe and ready to drive.”

What other VW’s can-driver now?

Starting next week, the diesel driver, the pattern detection may join lawsuit against Volkswagen. Then will be opened according to the consumer advice centre of the action register at the Federal office for justice. “It is progressing,” said Board member Klaus Müller. Diesel driver, who decided against a single lawsuit, have now the opportunity, “at no cost risk to enforce their rights”.

The consumer protection lawsuits on behalf of the victims of the diesel scandal against Volkswagen. You want to ensure that this will be compensated for the loss in value of their vehicles. Can join in all the diesel drivers who were affected by the Volkswagen-Obligation call-back and still not even have complained. This relates to Diesel from VW , Audi , Skoda and Seat with engines of the type EA 189 (four-cylinder, displacement: 1.2 or 1.6 or 2.0 liters), which after 1. November 2008 were sold. Also who has sold his car now, or scrap, can enter free of charge.

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