What this means Diesel-driving ban for Frankfurt?

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Thousands of motorists have to fear: The administrative court is forcing the city of Frankfurt to Diesel-driving ban – because the air is too dirty. What you need to know now.

The judgment of Wiesbaden administrative court was clear: It is Diesel calls for driving bans in Frankfurt am Main. Already in February 2019, certain areas of the city for older Diesel could be taboo. Answers to the important questions:

What was the hearing before the administrative court?

The German environmental aid Association (DUH) has sued the state of Hesse due to non-compliance with EU limit values for exhaust gas pollutant nitrogen oxides in four of the state’s cities. The first method for this, turned on Wednesday to the Situation in Frankfurt. Specifically, it was judged the air quality plan and the actions planned.

What must cause an air quality plan so that a potential Diesel-driving ban can be prevented?

The Plan must ensure that the limit values for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) the long-term and secure. The judge stressed again in his grounds of judgment. The allowed value is 40 micrograms per cubic meter of air. According to the Federal environmental Agency average 2017 fraud of the Year in Frankfurt, 47 micrograms.

What was it in the seven hour hearing on Wednesday, exactly?

Mainly it was discussed about the pros and Cons of different measures, with which the air could be cleaner. They ranged from incentives for load bikes to vehicle Software. As a last point, the diesel driving ban.

Where in Germany there are already bans on driving?

As the nation’s first city of Hamburg has sections set restrictions for older diesel cars is in force – but only at a comparatively short distance. Vehicles that do not comply with the Euro standard 6, are no longer allowed to drive it for two particularly busy streets of the Hanseatic city since the end of may. From the beginning of the year 2019, it is to give in Stuttgart, and driving bans for older Diesel.

How to set up Frankfurt ban on a possible driving?

The municipality does not see, in principle, first of all the Land in the duty – whether defendant, the city of Frankfurt, but it is a matter of the air quality plan in the country. “If the state of Hesse loses the lawsuit, the state of Hesse worrying whether it will introduce driving restrictions in Frankfurt”, was head of the Traffic Department, Klaus Oesterling (SPD), declared a few days before the hearing. Implement the ban would be “a huge bureaucratic burden”. The Federal administrative court have paved the way for a whole series of exceptions – for example, Taxis, tradesmen, or shift workers who need to depart prior to the first public transport. “This is a very complex matter.”

What has been proposed by Frankfurt, by driving bans?

The limits had been exceeded in the city last year to 114 streets, had declared the city. To counteract this, wants the metropolis on the main, among other things, in the case of buses and the municipal fleet on E-mobility, require and the bike paths continue to expand.

How to control a driving ban?

Here, the city is faced with a Problem. For a – such as blue badge, there is no legal basis. “We can’t wave to everyone out and us motor-vehicle-papers show,” says Oesterling. In Hamburg, it is made so: The police check the papers of motorists at large inspections, but also during regular Patrol. In the first months after the introduction of the ban, the officials distributed nodules of several hundred.

Wants to sue the DUH Hesse due to limit violations in other cities?

The environmental protection organization, keeping open, as Dorothee Saar, head of transport and air pollution, the DUH, says. For your information, according to the limits in 2017, have been exceeded in many cities in Germany, so it well could be that also in Hessen, more lawsuits followed.

What is the Hessian cities are affected in addition to Frankfurt from lawsuits?

Also Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and Offenbach are in the focus of the DUH. The exact dates for the negotiations before the Wiesbaden administrative court is not available so far. To Darmstadt and Wiesbaden, it is expected to enter, but even this year, a decision to Offenbach later.

Why is the administrative court of Wiesbaden for Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Offenbach, is responsible?

Because of the adoption or continuation of an air quality plan in the state of Hesse. The Ministry of the environment sits in Wiesbaden. Therefore, negotiations in the state capital.


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