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Also in Stuttgart, it will be 2019 diesel driving bans – at the end of nearly 70 percent of the diesel cars could be in the Region affected. The most important questions and answers.

Who is affected by a driving ban?

For the time being, only diesel vehicles with emission standards Euro 1 to 4. You must from 1. January 2019 to drive to the Stuttgart city area, this measure is intended to improve the air quality. Failing that, could be excluded from 2020, even younger Diesel with the exhaust emission standard Euro 5. In the first step 35 percent of all currently in the Stuttgart Region, Böblingen, Esslingen, Göppingen, Ludwigsburg and Rems-Murr-Kreis-legal diesel cars to be locked out. There should be a ban for Euro-5 Diesel, would be affected, with a further 35 per cent of the local Diesel-stock.

Will there be exceptions?

Retrofitted cars should be prohibited, for a transitional period of two years from the possible driving of Euro 5-vehicles will be excluded – regardless of whether the update for the retrofitting of a software or a modification of the Hardware. For residents of a transitional period of until 1 to it. April 2019. Then, a tariff reform of the public transport to work, to move more people to Change. Also for the transport and the craft of delivery, there will be exceptions: “We have agreed to a perpetual free ride,” said baden-württemberg’s Minister of economic Affairs, Nicole Hoffmeister-herb (CDU). Exceptions there are for people in the layer of service, care services and micro-enterprises, which were threatened with Banned in their existence.

The Stuttgart driving ban in Hamburg is different?

Yes, in Hamburg there are only local restrictions on the two routes in the city centre. This can be avoided by affected motorists. In Stuttgart, the prohibition applies to the entire city. Since Stuttgart is the headquarters of car manufacturers such as Porsche and Daimler, and also well-known suppliers to the automotive industry, such as, for example, Bosch in Baden-Württemberg, come, apply driving bans here as particularly sensitive.

Why is Baden-Württemberg right now driving bans?

Stuttgart is fighting for a Long time to to high fine dust and nitrogen oxide values. The Federal administrative court had decided in February that bans the air are purely allowed attitude, in principle, as long as you are proportionate. Since then, the state of Baden-Württemberg was under great pressure to act. The administrative court of Stuttgart had the state government for a period of up to 16. July to explain the proposed air quality measures in more detail. The court demanded that the country bans for Euro-5 Diesel with an appointment in the air absorbs quality plan for Stuttgart – this is going to happen now.

What measures are prohibited except for driving.

Among other things, more Express bus routes and a better Parking space management. The Minister of transport of Baden-württemberg, Winfried Hermann (Green party) announced. Overall, the measures will cost the package to air pollution, according to his words, 450 million euros, the financing for the most part, was already secured. There is an open sum of 105 million Euro over ten years, the applicable Fund it now.

(For more on the action “Germany speaks” can be found here .)


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