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Diesel crisis, driving bans, traffic-choked inner cities – all this makes buses and trains more attractive. However, the transport is in many cities becoming more and more expensive – the price differences are immense.


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Christian Frahm

Friday, 12.10.2018
09:45 PM

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In Chemnitz, Germany 4,60 Euro and in Lübeck, Germany 9,60 Euro so much is a day ticket for travel by Bus and train. The prices for public transport (public TRANSPORT), which differ from city to city, sometimes severely. While for a simple journey in Erfurt, only two euros is generated, in Hamburg 3,30 euros. But that’s not the only Problem for Bus and train riders, because the Tickets cost from year to year.

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Here the public TRANSPORT is particularly inexpensive

Almost 79 percent of the cost of Tickets for buses and trains since the year 2000. In the same period, the cost of buying and maintaining a car has risen only about 36 percent. In view of the increasing traffic, blocked roads and the threat of driving bans in German cities, more and more city dwellers and commuters for Bus and train decide. In the first half of the year, the Federal Statistical office about 5.8 billion trips – a new record is registered.

But where you actually drive for the best? In which cities is the purchase of a monthly pass is worth it, what is the easy ride for a child and how much the monthly cost of subscription for students? The consumer portal Testberichte.de has exclusive compared to SPIEGEL ONLINE, the public TRANSPORT offers in Germany’s 39 largest cities with over 200,000 inhabitants. The prices for individual tickets and monthly tickets for adults and children studied.

As the collective territory of the entire city area was in each case considered – not the length of the available network was taken into account. In the case of a day ticket in Berlin or Hamburg, it is clearly more than in Freiburg and Rostock. However, are not to be found among the “expensive” cities, only the cities.

Where Bus and train travel the cheapest, see the interactive graphics:

In the overall analysis of all the studied price categories – from a single ticket to the monthly card are in Rostock and Chemnitz in the cheapest, Lübeck and Cologne, the most expensive. If you look specifically at the prices for monthly tickets (one adult without a subscription), in Rostock, together with Freiburg, with 55 euros at the cheapest. Hamburg is the only city with a three-digit amount – with 106,40 Euro at the most expensive. Cologne and Bonn are each 95,30 EUR on the penultimate rank. In the case of student monthly tickets Berlin with a price of 21,80 Euro. Three times the numbers of students in Cologne and Bonn. With EUR 71.50, the two cities are in this category.

And where a monthly pass is worth the most in relation to the single ticket? Here Augsburg is located in the front, there has amortized the month card after 23 rides. In Kiel there are rides of 24, as well as in Bremen and Freiburg. Once again, Hamburg is located at the rear and shares the last place with Cologne, Bonn and Frankfurt: 33 journeys require passengers in these cities, before a month ticket is profitable.

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Cable cars:
You’re still going down, along for the ride

Alternative: free transport

But why the public TRANSPORT has to cost anything at all? Only recently, the Federal government proposed that the local transport in some cities, free of charge, to offer, to move the people to Change and to relieve the inner cities, to ensure clean air and to save-ultimately-money. The designated model cities opposed to the project.

It works in other countries quite well. In Tallinn the capital of Estonia, for example citizens since 2013, for free with Bus and Railways. Since then, the country has established the free traffic in the Rest of the country, 11 of the 15 regions now offer free Bus and rail travel.

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