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Every year in September, the owner of the most valuable and fastest vintage cars in the world are in a race in the South of England: At the Goodwood Revival, the driver open the throttle – that is not always good.


BMW Group Classic / Gudrun Muschalla

Fabian Hoberg

Tuesday, 11.09.2018
At 04:07

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Door-to-door over the thunder of the Ferrari sports cars to the spectators, brake just before the Chicane and squeeze through the tight right-hander. A tire touches the Grass, throwing Dirt. For the pilot, no Problem – you give it more Gas.

The Kinrara Trophy at the Goodwood Revival is probably the most exclusive car races in the world. At the Start of the most expensive sports cars, which are older than build year 1963: Aston Martin, Maserati, Austin Healey, AC Cobra. Ten Ferrari 250 GT SWB and a 250 GTO – a car of this type was sold at auction a few weeks ago to 48.4 million Euro. Only the vehicles in the field of participants of this race have a value of more than EUR 800 million, for a total of 15 races at Goodwood.

Auction of a Ferrari 250 GTO – the car brought in 48.4 million Euro:


RM Sotheby’s

However, in spite of the rarity of the driver does not save the cars. Right at the Start of a Jaguar E-Type slips a Ferrari into the rear of an Aston Martin DB4 flies with a position battle on the track, turns a few Times before he comes on the lawn. The races last between 20 and 60 minutes, is paid to the drivers, nothing. “It’s nice to see these rare and valuable cars in real action – the racing cars were built, finally,” says Frank Wilke, classic car expert and managing Director of Classic Analytics, a company for market monitoring and valuation of classic cars. For him, the Kinrara is a Trophy and the Goodwood Revival a must-attend event.

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Goodwood Revival:
The race of the sheet-metal dreams

For the past 20 years, the present Duke of Richmond will be hosting the race for historic cars in the South of England; the route is much older. The so-called Goodwood Motor Circuit, the ninth Duke, was developed by the Richmond, better known as Freddie March. From an old military airport, a Racecourse, was, in September 1948, the first start flag was lowered for the sports car. In the following years, all the top drivers behind the Wheel of Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss in the fifty years sat in Goodwood, Jim Clark and Graham Hill in the sixties. In the summer of 1966, the conclusion was, because the Duke feared that the then-current racing cars were too fast for his route.

“The give on the track, nothing”

Freddie March’s grandson, ex of Lord March, today, the current Duke, and restored the 2.38 mile long track (nearly four kilometers) with the seven curves thoroughly, adding safety standards, such as run-off zones and opened the course in September 1998. Since then, pilgrims every year, around 200,000 visitors on a weekend in September on the grounds of Goodwood House, the country seat of the Duke of Richmond. Starts in 15 races in different classes. Pilots such as Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, and Romain Dumas, Freddie Spencer, Steve Parris, Emanuele Pirro compete against Amateur drivers.

Sebastian Gutsch of Munich since 2005 to the Goodwood Revival, in the Transporter always be motorcycle of 1937, a BMW R5. “Goodwood is the best historical races in the world. On the great and fast machines current professionals and old-timers sit on the give on the track, nothing,” says the lawyer from Munich. In addition, the high-speed course delighted him: “You have to keep the Speed, otherwise you lose the connection. The fastest wins here, the most beautiful vehicle”. The two-time world Superbike champion Troy travels Troy with a 75 HP strong BMW R 57 compressor from 1928, with more than 210 km/h on the track is chasing the other machines of the iconic brands Norton, Rudge, Matchless and Triumph.

The real climax is not the race, but the Show on the site. Most of the visitors wear hats contemporary clothing such as Tweed, Knickerbocker and screen. Women in Petticoats, arms, suits, or work pants, the fifty years wandering over the lawn, families and groups of friends picnicking there. Children can ride in the historic pedal cars, the bet, the final counts for the framework programme on a part of the circuit. Shops and food stalls in the look of 70 years ago seem like a film backdrop. It is a journey into the past is regarded as internal combustion engines still have a very promising future.

Eight million more expensive sports car was temporarily repaired at the Start

Historical hunting aircraft such as the Spitfire or Hurricane of the Royal Air Force (RAF) rattling in the morning, flying in formation over the racetrack. An open-air cinema shows classic movies, and the auction house Bonhams sold next to it is a couple of valuable vintage cars. Sponsors such as BMW or Porsche are holding back the Kingdom, only show polished old vehicles in the style of the time – Parking and fresh.

Jason Yates is the wrong way to show a car. The driver of the Ferrari 500 TRC of 1957 grazed on the Friday afternoon of a race and a stack of Tires and destroyed the Front of the eight-million-dollar sports car. A day later, he went with the provisionally repaired car to the track. And gave full throttle.

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