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More than three years after the start of the diesel scandal, has agreed to the Grand coalition on the exchange premiums and Hardware retrofits for diesel drivers. But not all Affected get help.

What are the measures adopted by the Grand coalition?

Owners of older Diesel in 14 regions with particularly dirty air to be offered two possibilities: The coalition tips ask the car manufacturer to offer generous exchange premiums for New and used cars for purchase. In addition, it to Hardware deals on-retrofits with so-called SCR-catalytic converters, the use of a urea solution, to eliminate harmful oxides of nitrogen.

Who benefits?

Car owners of older diesel cars with a Euro 5 emission standard and poor, living in the following cities: Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne, Reutlingen, Germany, Düren, Hamburg, Limburg an der Lahn, Düsseldorf, Kiel, Germany, Heilbronn, Backnang, Darmstadt, Bochum and Ludwigsburg. For cities to be prohibited where it soon will come, as, among other things, Frankfurt am Main – there should be support programs for the retrofitting of municipal vehicles, taxis and delivery vans of tradesmen. The Federal government wants to pay for the retrofitting of these vehicles to a large extent.

Included also the inhabitants of the adjacent districts, and professional commuters – employees as well as self-employed, with its headquarters in the city, as well as vehicle owners with special hardships are to be in all these cities, but in each case. Including motorists, having to care for in one of the affected cities, a member of the family.

Here you can see the evaluation of Auto-editor Margret Hucko:



How are the purchase of premiums for new car?

More dirty older Diesel come from the streets, to car drivers, new incentives to buy. The German manufacturer says the Federal government, therefore, for owners of cars of the emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5, “an exchange program with attractive shift premiums or discounts”, – stated in the agreement between the SPD and the Union. The special value of the loss should have suffered”, the diesel vehicles due to the debate around carbon emissions will be offset”. Bought new cars and also used.

Volkswagen to offer diesel owners as quickly as possible, exchange premiums will average about 4000 Euro for Diesel, the emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 4 and 5000 Euro for Euro-5 Diesel. Daimler offers up to 5000 Euro, BMW flat rate of 6000 Euro exchange premium. Of the foreign manufacturers ‘ similar offerings would be expected. So Renault has announced as the first importer after the unification of the diesel armed with a conversion premium of up to 10,000 euros.

Who assumes the costs for the Hardware upgrade?

For Euro-5 Diesel should be enabled to demand of the Federal government, the installation of additional exhaust gas cleaning technology on the engine. If owners want to such a Hardware upgrade and such systems are available and suitable, expected the Federal government “by the respective car manufacturer, that he assumes the costs for this, including the installation”. The liability should apply, therefore, the retrofit companies.

The car manufacturers are the measures required to implement?

No. The offer of the manufacturer is the result of the coalition summit, but not mandatory for the car manufacturers. For diesel drivers, it could be a Problem. While manufacturers have agreed to exchange premiums for the motorists to offer, is the location for the retrofit of older Diesel Cars are still partially unclear. Against the willingness of major manufacturers to retrofit solutions that those “prioritize the model of the conversion premium,” said transport Minister Andreas Scheuer. While VW is basically a retrofit of (currently, but not a complete Takeover of the costs, with a view), makes Daimler in this respect, no commitment. BMW and Opel provide a retrofitting, even a complete cancellation. And if the major car manufacturers do not offer upgrades, would those who consider a retrofit solution to stay, probably even on the costs.

When the regulations apply?

From now on. However, the actual implementation of the car manufacturers. After the exchange premiums are immediately available, it is in the retrofit probably still take a little. Because auto manufacturers, the subsequent installation of a so-called SCR catalysts are in principle eligible, can start with the measure only if the corresponding technical solutions from the Federal motor transport authority are approved. The Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has prepared to MIRROR the information already in a retrofit offering for its customers.

Why the government has decided a package of measures?

The background for the new measures to dirty air in many German cities, and the threat of driving bans for older Diesel. In Hamburg, two road sections are already locked and also in Stuttgart is for 2019, a large-scale Diesel-entry ban is planned. Recently, a court ordered driving prohibitions for the downtown commuter metropolis of Frankfurt am Main from 2019. Also, the EU-Commission, pressure, and wants to force Germany, by an action before the European court of justice for compliance with the limit values that have been with us since 2010.

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