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With his model “Vitpilen” revived the Swedish brand Husqvarna, a long totgeglaubtes vehicle: a simple motorcycle that is just a pleasure.


Jochen Vorfelder

Jochen Vorfelder

Jochen Vorfelder

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Tuesday, 21.08.2018
At 07:57

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The first impression is reduced to The minimum. Fuel Tank, tires, engine and more it needs not.

Says the manufacturer: It was a lengthy birth. In November 2015 the first prototype of the Vitpilen has been shown 701 at the Milan Eicma motorcycle show; only now – since the early summer of 2018 will be produced the “White arrow” (Translation for vit pilen from Swedish) in the Austrian KTM factory in Mattighofen in series.

Husqvarna boss Stefan Pierer, has bought the Swedish brand with a long tradition a few years ago, BMW’s, stressed that he has it with a Husqvarna in a hurry. “The brand is for us an ideal playing field. With Husqvarna, we can not build things that fit with our core brand KTM into the Portfolio, and other audiences,” said Pierer a few months ago on the edge of a motorcycle display in the Salzburg Hangar-7.

And actually, the Vitpilen. 701 bit strange Game: on the one Hand, it is designed to be concise, yet not Intrusive The form developers of Kiska Design have missed the Vitpilen a “Neo-Retro Look for the Urban Lifestyle”, in the case of the elements of classic motorcycles with modern Naked Bike-look merge. As Naked Bikes series road motorcycles without a part – or full fairing.

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Husqvarna Vitpilen 701:
Fiery Stew

Guiding principle was that anything not omit, what you need to Drive. Out a vehicle that provides maximum fun and a lot of good will come. So many looks and thumbs up at the traffic light, you concede scooters with Electric.

The we noticed: So futuristic the Design seem like, with the technology the developers in Mattighofen on proven technology. The single-cylinder engine with 692,7 cubic displacement is no in-house development, but dates back to the KTM Fundus and is installed in a similar configuration also in the 690 Duke. For use in the Vitpilen have him trimmed, the developers of 75 HP and a maximum of 72 Newton meters of torque; the six-speed gearbox was equipped with a shift assistant, without a clutch up – and-down switch.

On the road with this engine, quick-on-the-go, the single cylinder of this size and quality on the market. The unit has lost its original Canada, but has power without end, the needs to accelerate with a full 12-gallon Tank only 166 kilograms of motorcycle. This is great fun: The stew depends directly on the Gas and exerts its power with increasing speed up to 8500 Rpm continuously.

The case of a single-cylinder inevitable vibration Husqvarna with two balancer shafts very good grip. However, the engine seems to bring other components to life: In the case of the test machine is vibrated, irrespective of the gear engaged precisely between 4900 and 5200 Rpm, a panel, a small sheet, any clamp loud as a child’s rattle – we never found out what it was.

The cafe Racer ergonomics, with a flat, shortened the Handlebars, the slightly sloping seat and the chassis fit against it perfectly. The Vitpilen remains in high-speed stoically on the line and loves at the same time the curve. The user is winding the Route, the more active you have to draw, but the more you will feel in the saddle. The is getting used hard. However, the Vitpilen is not for long distance built in, but for the city and the fleet Afterwork excursion.

Safety is taken care of. Bosch-ABS and switchable traction control along with the Anti-Hopping-clutch completely, in order to keep the Vitpilen in the track. The Features ensure that the wheels do not lock during hard braking, and the traction remains.

No compromise makes Husqvarna also in the case of brakes and struts/dampers that are supplied by Brembo, respectively, WP. Also, the design components are extremely high-quality Details such as the milled gas cap and the clip-on handlebars are also a feast for the eyes as the LED light system on the front of the vehicle.

Jochen Vorfelder

The instrument clouds the positive overall impression

Thus, we were also the rare weak: Above the headlight, the designers have installed a round Cockpit Instrument made of Plexiglas, which is optically not the money worth and probably after a few days of driving, sucks to be scratched. The test motorbike built-in brake and clutch lever on the handlebars frolicking super saw, but were too short. The ball at the end, squeezing painfully on the ring finger joint.

The must know: Husqvarna offers the Vitpilen 701 as her little sister Vitpilen 401 so far only in one Version and only in the color silver to become a self – confident price of EUR 10,195 Euro. This is unrivaled lot of money for a cylinder. With accessories, the machine is expensive.

We will not forget: The Snack Zollenspieker in front of the gates of Hamburg is not only a popular biker hangout, but also a good indicator for the developments in the scene. Here are the old-timers and cool socks, the hulls in series, the nose of vehicles normally meet.

The regular meeting for the Husqvarna got up, closed and checking across the street strolled, proves that The Austrians have hit a nerve. The Vitpilen 701 will set a Trend to less cylinders, more power, and maximum fun.

Vehicle registration certificate


Vitpilen 701


Single cylinder engine


693 CC

75 HP (55 kW)

72 Nm

166 kg

EUR 10,195 GBP

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