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To configure a new 718, the question is: Connect or Connect Plus?
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The Infotainment in the Porsche 718, a Smartphone tray in the center console along with the antenna connection and inductive Charging. Apple Carplay and the Car Connect App from Porsche will be supported.

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          Connect or Connect Plus, which is the big question for the tech-savvy Porsche driver, configured a new 718, be it as a Boxster or Cayman. Both offers included the Smartphone tray in the center console along with the antenna connection and inductive Charging. Both support Apple’s Carplay, and the Car Connect App from Porsche, which Essentially provides access to vehicle functions from a distance.

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          The remote control the auxiliary heating or the Retrieval of vehicle data, but also the control of the vehicle position with GPS, keyword: Geofence. A part of the functions can even be used with the Apple Watch, the locking of the vehicle’s running, including.

          Connect Search costs 880 euros, while the Plus version for 1700 Euro offers the advantage that it is a built-in mobile phone module independently from the Smartphone, and a number of Online receive services in addition, for PCM, Porsche Communication Management, real-time traffic information, Parking lot information, the query of flight data, news, and Online.

          As in the Audi or BMW you can dictate messages, this only works with one of the barely available mobile phones that support the Sim Access profile. The iPhone and popular Android are.

          Then there is the Porsche Track Precision App for people on the move in your vehicle, and intensive courses. This App allows tracks, synchronous data and video recording, with the aim of a detailed evaluation of the Performance. To do this, you digitized routes of 60 international courses demand. After the Start, the App visualizes the driving dynamics and traction, steering, Longitudinal and transverse acceleration.

          It deviations to a previously driven or pre-are shown for reference round chose with the help of a Ghostcar-representation. To use this module, the Sport Chrono package for 1800 Euro is required. A nice Detail: The Hobby racer can leave during the recording of his heart beat with the Apple Watch to control.

          Anyone who drives in the 718 rather quiet and in the public space, gets the PCM with 7-inch Monitor, a Radio and a CD drive as standard equipment. The Monitor is touch-sensitive and even in bright sunshine, is perfectly readable. A digital instrument is to the right of the tachometer that shows regardless of the main display more content. The mechanical look and feel of all controls is subject to the Standards of the house and is exalted above all doubt. PCM 4 now allows the use of swipe and touch gestures on the Monitor, for example, to Change the Kartenzooms. The Navigation needs to be for 1580 euros.

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          The quality of the jam data was during our trips properly. Anyone who wants to complain, likes to say that the recalculation of the Route is sometimes too hesitant. Via the App addresses from the Smartphone to the car transfer. Although the Porsche 718 does not yet offer the full digital equipment in the new Panamera and a Generation. But the advantage of this system is its simple operation that can be performed intuitively without having to look into the operating instructions throw.

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